Does Adidas Take Afterpay?

As a lover of the brand, you eagerly want to make an online purchase for a pair of Adidas sneakers. Being on a budget, you look for a suitable BNPL payment service. There are several such payment platforms in the market today. And Afterpay is a good choice. But does Adidas support Afterpay?

Does Adidas Take Afterpay?

The answer is –– Yes! The sportswear giant supports the payment method however, the company has mandated the transaction platform to be used only on its website, Along with that, the company has set a purchase limit of $50 to up to $2000 for its Afterpay customers.

So, now that we know that Adidas takes Afterpay let’s head on to purchasing your sneaker with a simple step-by-step guide mentioned below.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Before making a purchase, make sure you have an Afterpay account if not, then go to and then follow the simple sign-up process. 
  2. After registering with the BNPL site, open the Adidas portal and select your desired item. Choose your shoe size, which is compulsory. If you’re not sure about your shoe size, then click on the size ruler below the size table.
  3. After confirming your size, click the ‘ADD TO BAG’ button to proceed to the next step.
  4. As you hit the BAG button, a mini pop-up window appears. The mini window contains the purchase details, with a CHECKOUT button below.
  5. Click the button and follow the next page that requires your shipping information.
  6. Type down all the details carefully regarding your delivery address and contact info. Remember every field is mandatory, except the login form. Click on the REVIEW & PAY tab after you’re done.
  7. After that, a transaction page shows up where you need to select the mode of transaction. And, this is where you will get to use the BNPL service. On the payment detail form, choose Afterpay as the mode of payment and place your order.
  8. Clicking the PLACE ORDER button will redirect you to the Afterpay site. Login to the site and choose your payment gateway as Visa or MasterCard. And that’s all! Your transaction is complete.

Advantages of Afterpay

A Convenient Buddy – You must be wondering why to pick Afterpay among others available out there. The answer is because of its 0% interest on services, and hassle-free registration. 

Large Retail Base  Afterpay has a relatively larger purchasing base, offering you an ample number of brands and merchants to choose from. According to, Afterpay has tied up with up to 85,000 active merchants across the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, with its pay later service. 

Credit History – Unlike other pay later services, Afterpay does not entail you to have a credit history for registration. This means that you need not worry about the credit score on events of any future debt misadventures. 

With all these perks offered by the company, there are also some shortcomings that you should take into account.

Disadvantages of Afterpay

  • It’s Payback Time – After making a purchase, the BNPL company requires you to pay back the credit in 4 equal installments on a fortnight basis. The problem is you can’t skip the payments or request adjustments in the installment amount. 
  • The Penalty Shots – So, if you somehow fall into a financial crunch and are unable to make the time-bound payments to the purchase-lender, then you will be charged a $10 penalty up to a week from the due date. But, if the payments are stalled even after 7 days, the company will further add an extra penalty of $7.
  • The Creeping Debts – Just like with no reins a horse can go astray. Similarly, an interest-free payment platform can turn you into an impulsive buyer. This may lead to steady growth in your financial debt and eventually making you bankrupt. 

Where Afterpay Doesn’t Work?

You can enjoy your Afterpay buys in the US and in the countries mentioned above. After pay works across the whole of the US, but it doesn’t cater its services in the American Territories, such as Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico, etc. 


The Buy Now & Pay Later concept is no doubt a revolutionary tool to boost your purchasing power, but you must also consider its pros and cons before using it. BNPLs can swell up your purchase bucket list and mount up debts, so be cautious and become a happy responsible buyer.


When will I have to pay my first installment using Afterpay?

Your initial installment will be deducted as soon as you checkout with Afterpay.

What happens to my Afterpay due installments, if I return an item?

Your upcoming installments are nullified and, installments that you’ve already paid will be refunded back to your account. 

Does Adidas Take Afterpay?

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