Does iTunes Accept Prepaid Cards?

iTunes is a media player and library for music, internet radio broadcast (podcast), movies, and TV shows. It is software developed by Apple to help users stay in charge of their media on a PC or mobile device. A major requirement for iTunes,  like other Apple apps, is the need to create an Apple ID and add a payment method before accessing its awesome features. Does iTunes Accept Prepaid Cards?

Does iTunes Accept Prepaid Cards?

Apple provides different options to macOS and iOS users for making payments in iTunes which include debit cards, credit cards, mobile phone billing, Apple Pay, Apple Cash, Apple ID Balance, PayPal, EPS, but do not accept some prepaid credit cards for security and accountability reasons. 

A prepaid card or stored-value card is a banking product that allows you to store money in it for the sake of making purchases. For Apple apps and services, some prepaid credit cards are not acceptable because they are not issued by a registered bank, connected to a verifiable bank account, or have a verifiable billing address. 

The only type of prepaid card accepted by iTunes from U.S macOS and iOS users is a prepaid card that allows a U.S address or zip code to be entered. You would also need to ensure that the address registered with the prepaid card corresponds with the address you used in creating your iTunes Store account created by Apple. 

Although the iTunes Store still blocks some prepaid cards, you’ll be safe using a prepaid card with the Visa or MasterCard logo on it.

iTunes accepts Apple Gift Card

The Apple Gift Card is primarily used for the purchase of goods and services from Apple apps like;

  •  iTunes
  • App Store
  • Arcade
  • Music
  • TV+
  • Apple One
  • Fitness+
  • iCloud
  • News+
  • Books
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Finder

Before accepting the Apple Gift Card, the listed Apple apps accepted other gift cards like iTunes Store Gift Card, Apple Music Gift Card, Apple Store and iTunes Gift Card, and Apple Store Gift Card, but because of its versatility, the Apple Gift Card could be called an easier alternative. 

To use an apple gift card, you’ll need to buy it and redeem it to your Apple Balance. 

What Other Payment Methods Are Accepted In The U.S.A?

If you reside in the U.S but do not have or use an Apple Gift Card, below is a list of other payment methods accepted by the iTunes Store:

  1. Apple Pay
  2. Apple Cash
  3. most credit and debit cards
  4. PayPal
  5. Apple ID balance (from redeeming Apple Gift Card or adding funds from your savings or checking account)

Does iTunes Charge A Monthly Fee?

iTunes does not charge a monthly subscription fee to use the app. Once you have added your payment method to your iTunes Store account to make your first purchase, every other purchase you make on iTunes is billed individually and deducted from your balance immediately except when you change your payment method. 

iTunes will always ask if you want to use a previously saved payment method or use a new one for a new purchase. 

Is iTunes The Same As Apple Music?

Apple Music is an improvement to the music library feature you’ll find on iTunes. It cannot give you access to podcasts and TV shows, but it will enable you to download your favorite songs and follow the lyrics as they play, listen to them endlessly offline on all your Apple devices, and have access to over 70 million top songs curated across genres just for you. 

Apple Music is a video and music streaming service created by Apple 7 years ago when iTunes was abandoned because it became bloated with features and laggy. 

If you cannot find iTunes anymore, it is because it has been melted and used to create 4 new apps—Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Finder. 

Does Apple Music Charge Monthly Subscription Fee?

Yes. Apple Music offers premium features like Spatial Audio, Lossless Audio, Music Videos, Music Lyrics, and more. To access these premium features and on-demand streaming, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 if it’s just for you. 

To use the family plan which allows you and up to five other friends or relatives to share great music, Apple Music will charge a subscription fee of $14.99 monthly. 

Whatever option you choose, note that the subscription will be automatically renewed monthly except you cancel it on the app or from your Apple ID. 

Does Apple Music Accept Prepaid Cards?

As with iTunes, Apple Music only accepts prepaid credit cards with a U.S billing address. 

However, you can use your Visa or MasterCard prepaid card to buy an Apple Gift Card to pay for your Apple Music subscription. 

You can also use any of the other accepted payment methods listed above for U.S citizens. 

Does iTunes Accept Prepaid Cards?

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