Does Turo Accept Prepaid Cards?

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Turo is one of the most popular, and well-known car-renting company headquartered in San Francisco, United States. It sees many people, ranging from individuals persons, families, colleagues, and business persons who might not be at a position of owing a car flock its App all over the continents of the world to rent cars from their hosts. 

Does Turo Accept Prepaid Cards?

People hire or rent cars for various purposes so to fulfill their prevailing needs; could be for family trips, colleagues holiday or hangouts, or could also be for personal rides and sports. However, it should be taken note of the fact that not only are cars hired and rented in Turo, but also trucks and other large vehicle. 

Why Rent Cars At Turo? 


Turo is, and has proven to be the most affordable car hiring company in the United States and world over. Just at $25, one can comfortably rent and ride a car a whooping full day! Amazing. Indeed, Turo is a pocket-friendly car-hiring agency. 


With Turo, one can successfully and conveniently make free cancellations of their rides in a span of 24 hours, and gladly get back their full refunds. 

Timely Car Delivery 

One of the most outstanding feature with Turo is that has seen it becoming more popular a great deal is that customers receive their ordered cars on time irrespective of their locations. 

Customers And Car Owners Safety

It is apparent that in the course of the ride, accidents are prone to happening which may lead to the damage of the car to certain heights. Sometimes the person using the car can get injured. As far as Turo is concerned, all this is well covered under the policy. 

How Does Turo Works? 

In this particular spectacular system, it is first of all apparent that for anyone to be accepted to hire a car, or any other kind of a vehicle from a host, they must first have a working account with Turo. Likewise, the car hosts will be required to have an account as “car owners” so to grant access to their cars and vehicles. Through this, those people looking for a car to rent in their respective locations can easily find one, choose which best pleases them before they go ahead to hiring them.  

Paying For A Car On Turo 

Paying for services offered by Turo is one very crucial process all together, as this is the primary reason why the company was opened, anyway. This is the exact point where the company gets its revenue which enables it run its various departments and branches including paying its employees as well as general maintenance of its premises, apart from also paying taxes. Conversely, customers are accustomed to follow the right procedures in making payments so to get the services they need.   

Methods of payment on Turo 

Turo has various payment methods for the services it offers. However, it majorly accepts debit and credit cards; the cards are recommended to have been registered and linked to a customer’s bank account for it to be functional. In the process of making payments, a customer’s card details are immediately shared with the respective bank or financial institution involved with the card. However, it happens that sometimes the transactions may go through or fail in the process of using the cards.    

What Causes The Transaction Failure? 

  • On events where the bank card fails to transact as expected to, the most possible reasons could be that the customer has attempted to make payments through a prepaid card which Turo definitely does not accept. 
  • In one way or another, the bank might have placed the account on hold for specific reasons, and for a specific period of time, which might delay the transaction on Turo. 
  • In case there is a mismatch in the bank account details as captured by the customer when writing down their billing addresses. It is apparent that if the details don’t match, then the bank to release the funds cannot find the correct address as entered, thus reject the transaction. 

Alternative Use Of Revolut

However, in case a customer has already subscribed for Revolut services, they can successfully make payments on Turo using their prepaid cards. In a nutshell, Revolut is a financial technology company based in London, Britain. It offers all kinds of financial services, more so it helps people all around the world to conveniently send and receive money from each other into their bank accounts. The company best works through an App which can be downloaded and installed both on Android or iPhone smartphones, and works so cool! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am below 18 years of age, can I access Turo services? 

No, you need to be at least 18 years of age with a National Identification Number to be able to register on Turo and enjoy the services. 

  1. Can I hire a car twice a day? 

Yes, as long as you return the first ordered car on time to the owner and in good condition, you can still rent another one. 

  1. Can I cancel the ride after making payments? 

Yes, but not exceeding 24 hours. Otherwise it will be considered you already used the car. 

Does Turo Accept Prepaid Cards?

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