Does Macy’s Furniture Negotiate?

Wondering whether Macy’s furniture negotiate? The answer is yes, however it is not always the case. Various steps should be followed to increase the chances of your offer being accepted.

Does Macy’s Furniture Negotiate?

Macy’s furniture can surprisingly go down in terms of the prices of its products. Whenever Macy’s furniture has sales or is clearing events, it is the best time to ask for discounts. It is good to try on their products when you receive or see a response of “low prices on our furniture”. You can negotiate on Macy’s furniture both online and in-store purchases. 

Nevertheless; different guidelines will apply to each type of purchase. For higher chances of negotiation at in-store Macy’s location, you should do research prior about the discounted items for example through a website search. This will help when speaking with the salesperson because you will give specific examples of the items on sale that are currently available.

Rules for negotiation at Macy’s furniture

Check coupons online 

Whenever you see a coupon online for Macy’s furniture offering a certain amount of percentage off it would be the best chance to get the lowest price. Visiting their website will help in checking their coupons . When shopping in-store and probably want to negotiate, then you can ask if discount codes or coupons that can be applied are available at the time you are purchasing. This way you can be able to get lower prices.

Check on specific days such as Black Friday or president’s day

Holidays such as black Fridays are the best days to try negotiating for lower prices. Macy’s are willing to give higher discount on these days simply because they want you in their premises. The best way is by asking them something like “are there any offers available?” you could also check on their store for details about their holiday’s sales events.

Be friendly

Being nice to the sales associates will higher your chance of getting help from them, so if you are never in a good attitude when speaking to the salespersons, it is a higher time to consider being nice or even smiling at them all the time even when they are not interested in negotiating. Try asking them about their discount policies before indulging in specific questions on whether Macy’s furniture negotiates on prices of items.

Be honest 

During negotiation, it is advisable, to tell the truth about your financial situation, being honest does help. If asked by the salesperson in charge of the amount of money you have for the product, try telling them the right amount you have in your account for the product to avoid misunderstanding. This applies when you are purchasing something like furniture where they have restrictions regarding the purchase of such for example “can only be returned within thirty days”, it is good that you understand all the policies before going to Macy’s furniture

Do research

Having information ready before doing any negotiation at Macy’s furniture will be of great help. It includes understanding the name of the item, the model number, and the price you want to pay for the item. Understanding this will help you approach the sales associate with ease while negotiating.

How to negotiate prices at Macy’s furniture?

The best and easiest way of negotiating at Macy’s furniture is through credit card application and getting approval or receiving a discount that comes along with it. Normally, it can save you between 15-20% off what you have bought, only if the salesperson has the authority to offer the discounts.

If you are purchasing products online ensure that coupons have been used before checkout otherwise there will be no use when purchasing at Macy’s furniture. It is also a great idea to come up with creative ways for negotiating at Macy’s furniture, but it is advisable not to be too pushy. Lastly checking out on black Fridays or president’s days is a great deal because you might land on huge discounts. This will enable you to negotiate more on their prices but ensure that it applies to your purchase before assuming.


In conclusion, there will always be a negotiation at Macy’s Furniture ,however, it will depend on the salesperson .Location vary on what they offer so it is important to research on location before you purchase if you are considering negotiation. During holidays Macy’s furniture may offer discounts or deals which allow their clients to negotiate on the prices.


  1. When can you negotiate at Macy’s furniture

Mostly during holidays or special events such as black Fridays is when they can lower their prices

  1. Which days do markdowns occur at Macy’s furniture?

They do their markdowns on the first and third Monday each month but vary depending on what day falls on that specific week. Holidays such as Labor Day might lead to markdowns.

Does Macy’s Furniture Negotiate?

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