How Much is an Oil Change at Walmart?

An oil change is something every driver has to consider. Some of us are more interested and in touch with the mechanical side of driving while for others an oil change may come as a daunting prospect. Places like Walmart provide an answer to such individuals. How Much is an Oil Change at Walmart?

How Much is an Oil Change at Walmart?

An average oil change at Walmart costs just $19.88. This is called a pit crew oil change and it is their entry level package. There are a few other options available which we will discuss further on.

Walmart Oil Change Packages

Walmart is a giant entity and their profit margins are dependent on a high flow business model which is why an oil change at Walmart might be the best deal you will be getting . The whole process takes half an hour or less and it is very cost effective for the consumer.

Their most basic package also known as a Pit Crew Oil Change, starts from just $19.88. It is hard to fathom it will include anything else but surprisingly it comes included with an oil filter, Chassis lube, a battery performance check and a tire pressure adjustment.

The next option for the consumer is known as a Standard Oil Change. At $29.88 it is a bit more money than the basic package but it includes all the things a pit crew oil change has along with a vacuum job as well as an added function and fluid check.

The third option Walmart gives you is a High Mileage Oil Change which costs $35.88. It includes everything that a standard oil change offers. It is for vehicles with higher mileage.

Next in line is a Semi-synthetic Oil Change which comes in at $39.88. This also includes everything a standard oil change has but you get the added benefit of a semi-synthetic oil blend which tends to last a bit longer.

Finally at $49.88 is the Synthetic Oil Change. This contains a fully synthetic oil for your car which tends to last longer than any other oil type. It also has excellent heat resistance and improves on fuel economy in some cases. This package along with the oil contains everything a standard oil change provides.

What Should You Choose?

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of all the options that you have, it is time to consider what option would be best for you. There is no need to worry because we are here to make it simple for you.

Pit Crew Oil Change

If you just want an oil change and nothing else the pit crew or basic oil change option is for you. It includes everything you need. It goes even beyond what you need and also includes a few preliminary safety checks to make sure you are never stranded on the side of the road.

Standard Oil Change

If you are looking for an oil change and a once over of your car to make sure everything is in order you should choose the standard package. It is a bit more money but it pays off with the peace of mind that you will have knowing that a certified technician looked over your car and gave it a clean bill of health.

High Mileage Oil Change

If you have a vehicle with higher mileage then you should consider the high mileage package. It comes with a slightly thicker oil which is appropriate for the vehicles with higher mileage. Generally, a vehicle with 75000 miles is considered a higher mileage vehicle but with modern vehicles and tighter engine tolerances that number is a bit too low for a vehicle to be considered high mileage. You should start considering high mileage oil once you break into the six figures on your odometer.

Semi-synthetic Oil Change

For just a little bit more money than the standard oil change you can get a semi-synthetic oil for your vehicle. Now, the added cost is justified because the semi-synthetic oil has its own benefits and it does last longer than conventional oil. Semi-synthetic oils offer better oil life and heat resistance as compared to the conventional oil used in automobiles.

Synthetic Oil change

A synthetic oil is expensive to begin with and for someone who is not that in to cars it seems like a waste of money. However, the benefits out weigh the price two folds. Synthetic oils have the longest life and sometimes they last twice as long as conventional oil. They tend to be thin which offers greater fuel economy by reducing friction in the engine. If you are a person who has trouble finding time for an oil change synthetic might be the way to go for you due to its long life. Individuals with newer cars may also choose synthetic oils due to the low friction coefficient they provide.


Our vehicles play a pivotal role in our everyday life. They carry us to and from work and enable us to do our daily chores and shopping. All they need in return is regular maintenance to keep going. An oil change is a crucial part of vehicle maintenance, the life of your engine and consequently your car depends on it. This is why it is important to stay informed with what is needed and what options are available to you.

We hope to have helped you today by answering your questions and by providing the information you need to enable you in making an informed decision.

How Much is an Oil Change at Walmart?

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