Does Macy’s Accept Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid cards also known as Prepaid debit cards are debit cards preloaded with cash through direct bank deposit or via transfer money from a checking account into the prepaid card before they can be used for the payments of goods and services online and instore. Does Macy’s Accept Prepaid Cards?

Does Macy’s Accept Prepaid Cards?

Macy’s Inc. offers a variety of Instore payment options to its customers for a seamless in-store and online shopping experience, some of the payment options include the use of Debit cards (prepaid debit cards) and several other options that we will dive into in detail. 

Macy’s Payment Options 

Macy’s Inc formerly known as R. H. Macy & Co is an American departmental store founded in the 19th century, and it is one of the largest department stores by retail sales in the United States of America. Some of the payment options accepted by Macy’s includes:

Payment by phone

Macy provides its customers with the choice to make payment for products purchased via a phone call. To make use of this payment option, you must have a Macy’s account number and information regarding a valid deposit account domiciled in a U.S bank. This payment option is used mainly by Customers residing within the U.S. whose checking accounts are domiciled in U.S banks.

Payment by mail

Payments carried out via mail are sent across to one of Macy’s mail addresses:                              

Macy’s Card

PO Box 78008

Phoenix, AZ 85062-8008

 and the mail sent across should contain Macy’s account number and the payment details of the transaction.  

Instore payment:

 Macy’s Instore payment option accepts payments by cash, check, debit card, or money order. but payments via credit or gift cards are not acceptable on Macy’s credit cards or Macy’s American Express cards. 

Macy’s Payment Centre 

Macy’s payment centre is a dedicated department of Macy’s Inc in-charge of receiving, processing, and approving payments made by customers when they use any of the available payment options provided by Macy’s to its customers. Macy’s payment centre provides information to existing and potential customers on changes to the available payment options as well. 

Steps on How to Make payments on Macy’s for Macy’s Cardholders

After every purchase, depending on the type of payment method chosen (especially for instore purchase), by a Macy’s cardholder, there are steps to be followed for a seamless card payment experience, and these steps are as listed below:

  1. Download Macy’s app and sign in to your account
  2. Navigate to the store mode on the Macy’s app 
  3. Click the pay button and verify your Macy’s credit card 
  4. pay with the barcode generated at the register 

Types of Prepaid Debit card Accepted by Macy’s

Prepaid debit cards acceptable on Macy’s card payment portal must bear the Visa logo, Mastercard logo, American Express logo, or Discover logo on them. Technically almost all types of prepaid debit cards are acceptable on Macy’s payment platform. The prepaid cards acceptable at Macy’s are:

  • Reloadable prepaid debit card
  • Non-reloadable prepaid debit card 

This is because prepaid debit cards are generally accepted at most major merchants in the U.S, Prepaid cards are very easy to use by customers, because to own a prepaid card you do not need to own or operate a checking account. you pretty much just obtain a preloaded card from a financial institution or load the card with a certain amount of money. 

Services Offered by Macy’s 

Macy’s as a departmental store offers a lot of services to its customers and potential clients and some of the services they offer include: 

  • Sale of Home accessories like furniture
  • Sale of various clothing for male, female and children
  • Sale of Gifts and toys 
  • Sale of all kinds for Jewellery 


Macy’s Inc. is a major departmental store established in the 19th century (1858) with the name R. H. Macy & Co but It was renamed in 2007. It holds the record as the largest retail store as of 2015. Macy’s accepts various kinds of payments including prepaid debit card payments, in-store payments, payment via the telephone, and payment by mail. Prepaid card payments are universally accepted by most merchants and departmental stores globally.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Macy accept credit card payments on its cards?

    Macy’s does not accept credit card or gift card payment on either of its American Express credit card or Macy’s credit card 

  1. What types of Debit cards are acceptable at Macy’s?

Reloadable and Non-Reloadable prepaid debit cards with the American Express logo, visa logo, master card logo, or Discover logo on them. Regular debit cards connected to checking accounts with the same logos are also acceptable as a mode of card payment on Macy’s 

  1. Are prepaid cards universally acceptable?

Most prepaid cards are acceptable as the mode of card payment by most merchants, this is because prepaid cards are similar to debit cards which are also universally acceptable but are not connected to a bank account. 


Does Macy’s Accept Prepaid Cards?

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