Costco return policy for AirPods

Costco Wholesale Corporation, is an American members-only warehouse club whose headquarters are based in Issaquah, Washington. The company opened its first warehouse in Seattle 36 years ago. Costco popularity is accredited to its ‘risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee’ policies. Here we will see about Costco return policy for AirPods.

Costco return policy for AirPods

Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world which deals in bulk quantities at deeply discounted price.

Costco’s risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Costco aim is to “continually provide member with quality goods and services at lowest price”

Costco has a fairly lenient return policy also, even when it comes to high end products such as AirPods. Costco has been able to device its policies to attain maximum customer satisfaction.

Costco works on inventory business model, that is, it stocks it products in its massive warehouse. Electronics from apple and Samsung are also stocked in these warehouses, this helps in

Buying AirPods at Costco

Costco mainly carries supermarket goods, AirPods fall under luxury category of goods. Costco is committed at providing value products at best prize.

Apple’s AirPods are revolutionary products with unapparelled sound quality to provide rich and immersive experience, with active noise cancellation. It is enabled by ‘hey, Siri?’. Your AirPods can be automatically connected with your ipad, iphone and other electronic devices

It come with a case and a charging USB cable.

AirPods return policy at Costco

Costco’s 100% satisfaction policy extend to electronics which includes AirPods.

In case, you are not satisfied with your product, you can exchange your AirPods within 90-days of purchase. Costco will issue a full refund by verifying your purchase and mode of transaction. products can be returned to any 800 warehouse worldwide.

What will you need?

To return your AirPods you need to have few necessary items that make the whole process seamless and hassle-free.

The original box

All the accessories provided with the product

The original receipt

The debit/ credit card originally used during the purchase

Who can buy AirPods at Costco?

Costco is a whole-sale retailer of bulk- quality goods but it is a members-only access to the warehouse store.

Surprisingly, you can buy AirPods by setting up an account online without needing a membership number.

Why do you want to return your AirPods?

While returning the AirPods online it is important to state the reason of the return that can be selected from the following options

You do not want the AirPods

You are not satisfied with the product

You no longer want the product

You received damaged product

You received wrong item

When can you return AirPods?

Costco ensures risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee, it enables the buyer to return the item within the time-frame of 90 days after the purchase or delivery of the item. The policy extends to member and non-members.

Costco’s return policies are generous and undemanding, it gives the buyer an impeccable experience.

Return AirPods via mail

Purchased products such as AirPods can be returned through an mail

Online AirPods can be returned via mail. The process is initiated through account

Through your account, click on ‘order and return’

Select the item and click on ‘return’ after verifying whether you want full refund or a replacement

Download and print the return label and attach it to the product’s packaging.

Drop the return package at either Costco’s primary shipping courier, UPS or USPS.

Costco will initiate the return once it has received the item, through the original mode of payment.
This process might take some time another way to return the item is at the store

Return AirPods at the store

Purchased AirPods can be returned at any Costco warehouse location across America or any nearby Costco store at the customer service desk.

Apple products including AirPods cannot be returned via self-checkout counters.

To return the AirPods bring the product with its relevant proof of purchase. As refund is initiated through the original mode of payment, it is necessary to bring the debit/ credit card that was used.

What is the quickest way to get your refund?

The quickest way to get a refund is by returning the AirPods at the warehouse center. The returns are initiated immediately. Costco initiates the return through the original mode of payment. Thus, shopping at Costco has become a seamless experience through their customer policies.

Cash refunds are the easiest as they are dispensed in the spot, and make the whole process hassle-free. Payment done through credit/debit card usually return within 48 hrs. but it is mandatory to bring the exact same card used at the time of purchase.

Will Costco accept my return after 90 – days?

Costco’s return policy is based on a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee that allow the customer to return products within 90 – days of purchase. This guarantee even extends to all the electronics bought through Costco

It is unlikely that Costco will accept AirPods after 90 – days of purchase but in case of a valid reason it is prudent to talk to the store manager. The final decision is left on store-manager’s discretion.

Can you return AirPods without a receipt at Costco?

AirPods are premium products, in order to return the product, Costco may require a proof in the form of receipt or order confirmation number. Having a receipt helps in initiating the return easily.

In order to return the AirPods without the receipt, it should be done by the same person who originally bought the product.

However, if the receipt is lost, the return can still be initiated by confirming the transaction using the membership card.

How to return gifted AirPods, without Costco membership?

Members and non-members can return AirPods received as a gift for a full refund.

In such a case, either receipt dated within 90-days or the membership number of the person who purchased the AirPods is required.

Depending on the store, a full refund can be initiated onto a cash card which can act like a gift-card and used in the same store. Also, non-members are granted membership temporarily allowing them to use their refunds on other items in the store.

Can you return used or open AirPods?

Incase you are not satisfied with the AirPods, it can be returned within 90-days of purchase.

Costco can accept used AirPods if they are in returnable condition, necessarily with all the original accessories


Costco has rightly gained popularity due to its customer-friendly policies. It takes utmost care of its customer’s needs.

So, in conclusion, you can return your AirPods within 90-days of purchase from the store or after receiving via mail

Costco return policy for AirPods

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