Cotton On return policy


Cotton On is a largest retail store in Australia, established in 1991 by Nigel Austin in Geelong, Australia. It includes seven brands and currently operates in more than 18 countries. It own 1500 stores and has employed more than 20000 workers worldwide.Here we will see about Cotton On return policy

Cotton On return policy

Return policy:

As Cotton On is operating globally, so it’s return policy varies from country to country. In the United States, this policy covers change of mind returns and faulty items return.

Change of mind return policy:

If the product is not suitable for you, it can be returned. Keep in mind that the purchased product should be unwashed, unused and contains all the original tags. The return policy states that you can return the product any time with proof.

What type of products are non-returnable?

Cotton On accepts refunds of most of their products. However some products are not returnable. These products include:

  • 1.Charity items
  • 2.Earrings
  • 3.Underwear
  • 4.Personalised items
  • 5.Gift cards
  • 6.Samples
  • 7.Smile maker products
  • 8.Cosmetics

You also cannot return products that do not meet Cotton On return policy. The product will be sent back to you if you have a request for a return on that product.

Faulty item return policy:

Sometimes you buy a product and it shows some damage or has faults in it, so you can return it and ask for an exchange or refund. The policy states that the company should refund product as well as shipping expenses. You just need to provide a proof.

How can you return a product?

You can buy any product either from the retailer store or from online. If you have decided to return a product then you can adopt these two ways:

  • By mail
  • In person

By mail:

Products bought online on Cotton On can be returned via mail. You have to follow these steps in order to return a product via mail:

  • Find easy exchange and return option
  • Go on click here for creating a UPS Returns label
  • Enter basic information
  • Wait for email by Cotton On

In person:

Sometimes you tend to go to a retailer to buy something. But after purchase you did not like the product so you decide to return or ask for an exchange. You have to go to the nearest store. Make sure that the product contains all tags. You should have a proof like a receipt. The policy states that the retailer should refund instantly.

Covid 19 updates:

Pandemic has caused closure of Cotton On stores temporarily. You can only return the product via Cotton On website. However if you wish to return the product in-person you have to wait for reopening of the retailer stores.

How long does Cotton On take to process your refund request?

It takes about ten days to process your refund or exchange request. They will send you a confirmation email after receiving the package sent by you. You can also choose other websites for a quick refund.

Is there any paperwork for refund purposes?

There is no need for any paperwork for a return request. You just have to provide the order number when you submit an online refund request. This information is used to confirm your return when your package is received.

How can I get my order number?

Your order number will be sent to you by email and starts with a W00. You have to check your email in order to find your order number.

How is personal information used by Cotton On?

Personal information is used according to the privacy policy of Cotton On. This information is used to process the return request.

How will I know that Cotton On has received my return?

Cotton On will send you an email after receiving your returns by their warehouse. This will take up to 10 days or even longer for busy periods. You can also consider the tracking of your returns. 

How will I receive my payment after refund? 

You will receive your payment as per original payment method when you bought the product. 

How much will be refunded?

You will receive the same amount of refund, you paid for the product. Discounts and vouchers will be included in it. If you have, use Cotton On & Co. Perks voucher then points will be credited back to your account.   

Will I have to pay for my return also?

You do not have to pay for your return. It will be covered by the company. You only have to cover additional costs that are packaging your return. Remember that you also have to cover the cost for international orders that are taxes and currency conversion. 

What if I was not able to make it to the store?

You have to place a second order if you are not able to make it to the store. Then you can return your purchase for refund. 

Cotton On return policy

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