Can You Return An Item To A Different Walmart


Returning an item to Walmart can be a quick process or a bit more complicated, depending on the circumstances surrounding your purchase. This article will give a detailed insight into returning an item to a different Walmart and steps to getting that done in-store and via mail.Here we will see about the Return An Item To A Different Walmart

Return An Item To A Different Walmart

Can I Return My Item To A Different Walmart?

Items can be returned to a different Walmart provided you make your purchase from Walmart or the Walmart website –, but there is an exception, which I will reveal in the following paragraphs.

What Is The Exception To Returning An Item To A Different Walmart?

While most items are returnable to a different Walmart, items purchased from Walmart marketplace dealers are a major exception, partly because the marketplace dealers have the volition to either offer an exchange or refund. These items are called Walmart Marketplace Items. They have slightly different return policies and exceptions from Walmart. Visiting the particular vendor that sold the item to you and understanding the unique return policies peculiar to the vendor might be the only option.

What Is A Walmart Marketplace Item?

These are items sold at by dealers and resellers other than Walmart. They often have different return policies and exceptions. Items from the Walmart marketplace are usually returnable in 30 days, except for luxury items that have a 14 days return policy. Excitingly, returning marketplace items is easy, and I have outlined the steps in the following paragraph.

How Do I Return A Marketplace Item?

  1. 1.Start by logging into your Walmart account.
  2. 2.Request to know the returning and shipping fees that may be peculiar to the particular vendor you are dealing with.
  3. 3.Follow the instructions to verify return and return the item to the original packaging.
  4. 4.Prepare item for shipping with all accompanying components.
  5. 5.If eligible, drop off the item at the Walmart store or FedEx delivery.
  6. 6.A shipping label will be provided for your item.
  7. 6.In 48 hours of receipt of the eligible item, the marketplace seller will verify and process your refund, subtracting any applicable fee.
  8. 7.Within ten days, you will get your due net refund through your original payment method.

Can A Non-Marketplace Item Be Returned Online Or In-Store?

Customers who purchase a non-marketplace item online can return items either through mail or in-store, while customers who purchase at the Walmart store can only return their items in-store. However, an effort made to return an item might be futile if the item has stayed with the shopper longer than permissible by Walmart.  

How Long Can Walmart Permit An Item In My Custody If I Choose To Return It?

You have 90 days to exchange or return an item in Walmart. However, there are exceptions. For example:

  • Prescription glasses, contacts and hearing aids have just 60 days return policy.
  • Prepaid wireless phones have a 14days return policy.
  • TVs, cameras, laptops, tablets and most electronics have 30 days return policy.
  • There are some items Walmart will never accept its return, like prescription drugs.

So, before you consider a return, check if the item has stayed longer than permissible in your hands, so you do not waste energy and time for a fruitless adventure. However, there is an easy way to check if an item will be rejected or accepted upon return.

How To Know If My Item Will Be Rejected Or Accepted Upon Return

It can be a painful experience to find out that your item is not eligible for return after wasting so much time and energy, to avoid this, you can log on to and enter the TC number from your receipt. The number is right above the barcode on your receipt. Once the item comes up, select it, and the site will show you if your item is eligible for return or not. You can return via mail, scheduled pickup or a drop off at FedEx but ensure you have your receipt or order number intact to avoid longer alternatives like the verification process. 

What Steps Can I Take To Return An Item To An In-Store 

  1. 1.If you have an account, log on to your Walmart app or the official website –
  2. 2.Please select the item you want to return and the reason for return.
  3. 3.Select “Return to store” so you can be issued a return barcode.
  4. 4.Review the summary of the entire process as displayed on your screen.
  5. 5.Submit after a proper review and check your email for confirmation.
  6. 6.Bring the confirmation email with you alongside the item in its original packaging.

What If I Do Not Have A Walmart Account, How Do I Return A Purchased Item?

If you have no Walmart account, there is no cause for panic. Follow the simple steps below:

  1. 1.Get your receipt and order number.
  2. 2.Visit and select if you made an online or in-store purchase.
  3. 3.Follow through with the easy prompts on your screen.
  4. 4.Check your email for confirmation and bring this confirmation alongside the item to the store.

How Do I Return An Item Without Visiting The Physical Store?

Customers find this more convenient; it can be done through the mail. However, it is not permissible for Walmart marketplace items and purchases made in-store. This option is only available for customers who made their purchase online. Find a few easy steps to return an item without visiting a physical Walmart store:

  1. 1.Go to your order history in your Walmart app or
  2. 2.Select the item you want to return.
  3. 3.Note that multiple items from multiple orders would have to be processed separately.
  4. 4.Select “return” or “replace” and say why.
  5. 5.Then select “return by mail” and print the return label that comes afterwards.
  6. 6.Package the selected item and drop it off at FedEx or USPS locations.
  7. 7.You will get a prompt for a home pickup arrangement for bulky items rather than dropping them off at FedEx or USPS.
  8. 8.After receiving and evaluating your item, Walmart will offer you a complete refund.

Now that you have a basic understanding of Walmart return policy and the exceptions of returning items to a different Walmart, you can now start your return efforts today with the Walmart app or visit

Can You Return An Item To A Different Walmart

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