Roto-Rooter Do Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro jetting, commonly known as high pressure water-jetting or high pressure pipe cleaning is a process used to clear, industrial and residential pipes and main sewage drains clogged due to the sediments of –here we will see about the Roto-Rooter Do Hydro-Jetting?

  • 1.Tree roots
  • 2.Grease built ups
  • 3.Cement
  • 4.Other physical hindrances like clogged food items, human hair etc.
Roto rooter do hydro jetting.

It has proven to be a much more effective way of unclogging the pipelines than the conventional mechanical way in which a pipe with a sharp ending is used to plug out the waste and get the drain flowing again. This witty use of water pressure can be used in pipes with a diameter of 1.5” – 8”.

Roto –Rooter Hydro Jetting 

Yes, Roto-Rooter is a North American company which offers plumbing services like hydro-jetting, snake cleaning, mechanical pipe cleaning etc. With the wide range of nozzles and heavy duty hoses with adjustable pressure ability, this method of unclogging can be used in residential and industrial pipelines. They also offer scheduled preventive maintenance programs, discount rates and extended warranties. The average price for main sewer unclogging is $500-$900 but the estimated price is fixed only after the on-site inspection of the clogging. Apparently, their warranty is as long as 3 months or 90 days. 

Procedure of Roto Rotoor Hydro Jetting:

The hydro-jetting by Roto-Rooter company pvt ltd.  includes three main processes:

  • Installation of the heavy duty hose with nozzle
  • 360 degree cover up cleaning by multidirectional nozzle equipment
  • Reassurance with a snake camera
  1. 1.Installation of heavy duty hose with nozzle:  After proper on-field inspection and diagnosing the severity of the clog, the professionals insert a heavy duty pipe with a nozzle which has forward as well as reverse possibility of water flow. They slowly increase the pressure of water ranging between 1500-4000 psi to flush out the waste and get the drain going again. 
  2. 2.360 degree cover up cleaning by multidirectional nozzle equipment: As the smart tech nozzle used, is equipped with both forward and backward flow of water with a wide range of possible pressures, every inch of the inside of the walls is rinsed to prevent any future accumulation of debris. 
  3. 3.Reassurance with a snake camera: After the process is complete and the full potential flow of the drain has been retained, the professionals send in a snake camera to reassure the customers of a clean and fully functioning pipeline with help of the digital view. 

Is Hydro-Jetting Cost Efficient Or Expensive?

Hydro- jetting with its seemingly exorbitant charges can scarcely be considered cost-efficient. But the towering bills of hydro-jetting services have certain reasons which cannot be dodged off.

  • Sophisticated equipment
  • Camera inspection prior and after the process
  • Types of blockage : tree roots ,cement and such blockages are harder to be cleared off
  • Place of blockage: If the blockage is too far into the pipeline, the cost may be raised a bit higher.

To avoid this enfeebling list of charges which come with the unparalleled services, one can go with the scheduled maintenance program.

How beneficial is the scheduled maintenance program?

Scheduled maintenance program ensures a regular cleaning of the pipes which reduces the overall expenditure on drain blockage. Its effect is more prominently observed in the industrial pipelines as the chances of blockage and the revenue loss that might follow up are reduced. 

As said, precaution is better than cure. The pipeline after being regularly taken care of would last longer as no plague would weaken them over time. On a large scale this would be really beneficial for large scale industries as their repair expenses would be minimized. 

5 Benefits Of Roto Rooter Hydro-Jetting Over Other Cleaning Methods:

The benefits of hydro- jetting the clogs of your house are too significant to miss.

  1. 1.Prevent future clogs

As in hydro jetting, not only the physical blockage is eliminated but also a 360 degree clean up is arranged, any left-over debris or burgeoning plague is also cleared, thereby, deducting the possibility of any future clogs.

  1. 2.Less damage

As no point-headed equipment is used, the probability of damage of the pipe to cause any future leakage is dismissed. The traditional way of mechanical drain cleaning had an unwaveringly high scope of placing a crack here and there. But unlike that, hydro-jetting is much safer to go with.

  1. 3.High versatility 

It is a much easier and efficient way to clean the drain than the physical removal in which the possibility of lack of proper cleaning is high. All that needs to be done is a gush of swiftly flowing water at precise pressure and the work is done. 

  1. 4.Less manpower more brain power

Hydro-jetting doesn’t require a very large troop of men but definitely needs a high level of skill and talent to pull off the right amount of pressure for certain blockages. 

  1. 5.Broad range of utility

Hydro jetting with its smart equipment of different sizes and efficiencies can be used in different zones of trouble ranging from residential trauma to an industrial loss due to blockage. The heavy duty hose can be maneuvered into a wide range of pipelines. It also makes the work much safer as no one has to physically remove the blockage from the large sewer pipes. 


Roto-Rooter offers substantially mind boggling services of hydro-jetting which is one of the best methods of clearing away your drainage clogs. The record of customer reviews is satisfactory. One can blindly enjoy the services of Roto-Rooter despite different financial backgrounds because the discount rates offered by them are reasonably tagged too.

Roto-Rooter Do Hydro-Jetting?

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