Where To Find Gnocchi In The Grocery Store

Here we will see Where To Find Gnocchi In The Grocery Store

We know how much Americans love Italian cuisine which includes gnocchi. Sometimes putting the ingredients together for a great dinner could be hectic. This is why this grocery store guide has been put together for you to help locate any kind of gnocchi you might need as well as to provide a list of a few online grocery stores that sell gnocchi which happens to be a very common product used daily in the United States yet rare in most stores.

Gnocchi In The Grocery Store

Whenever you enter a grocery store in search of gnocchi, firstly, check the pasta aisle close to pasta styles like ravioli, spaghetti and many more albeit gnocchi being in the dumpling category. If you are unable to get any at the pasta aisle, one might likely find gnocchi in the frozen food aisle, close to dumpling wrappers as well as cheese. In case you still didn’t get it at the frozen food aisle, you could kindly ask the salesperson at the grocery store because of the possibility of rearrangement of goods prior to your arrival at the store or the gnocchi might be out of stock. At this point one could make good use of online grocery stores that are available of which a few are listed below.

Where Can One Find Gnocchi In Grocery Stores?

Whether it is a physical store or an online grocery store, as long as one gets what one is looking for, it has served its purpose. Apart from the fact that one could order gnocchi from online stores when it is not found at brick and mortar stores, the outbreak of COVID-19 and human activities affected by it requires that the use of online grocery stores are expedient as the pandemic threatens and takes lives daily especially in America. Therefore, US consumers have increasingly patronised online grocery stores of which a few will be mentioned below along with where gnocchi can be found in such stores as well as the types of gnocchi they sell;

Walmart –

It has been discovered that over half of US consumers purchase goods through this particular store. This makes it very reliable and as such one can find any Italian ingredient there including gnocchi. In this store, you could find gnocchi on the pasta aisle with other types of dry pasta and also at the refrigeration section for fresh gnocchi close to the specialty cheeses. At Walmart one could find these brands of gnocchi mentioned below.

  • Le Veneziane Gluten -Free Potato Gnocchi
  • Sam’s Choice Italian Potato Gnocchi
  • Green Giant Cauliflower and Spinach Cauliflower Gnocchi
  • De Lallo Potato Gnocchi
  • Cucina Viva Potato with Spinach 
  • Gia Russa Gluten – Free with potato 


At Amazon, where of course we know that we find most of whatever kind of grocery we are looking for. After Walmart, Amazon being the second most patronized online grocery store in the US with almost half of US consumers ordering groceries from them, also has varieties of  gnocchi which are also very affordable and can be found in the pasta section like;

  • Sanniti Italian Gluten- Free Potato Gnocchi
  • Bartenura Potato Gnocchi
  • Nocca Gnocchi Potato Dumpling Pasta
  • Le Veneziane Gluten-Free Potato Gnocchi
  • Gia Russa Whole Wheat Gnocchi with Spinach
  • Rustichella D’abruzza Potato Gnocchi


This store has had an increase in orders by consumers especially in San Francisco, so if you live there, you can as well get different types of gnocchi such as; 

  • De Cecco Potato Gnocchi
  • De Lallo Potato Gnocchi
  • De Lallo Potato Mini Gnocchi – Gluten- Free Capello’s Gnocchi
  • Nonna Luisa Gnocchi


If you’re in Texas or any area in Midwestern and Southern US, Kroger happens to be popular there and gnocchi can be found at the pantry section of the store, the brands below can be found there

  • Archer Farms Potato Gnocchi
  • Private Selection Italian Gnocchi with Potato
  • De Lallo Potato Gnocchi
  • Simple Truth Organic Traditional Potato

Fresh Direct

in this store as well, one can check the pantry section for a few brands of gnocchi like

  • Anna Potato Gnocchi
  • De Cecco Potato Gnocchi

As seen above, there are varieties of gnocchi from cauliflower to spinach to potato to semolina to the ones with cheese fillings and more. The saying different strokes for different folks applies here, whatever brand of gnocchi you are looking for, be you vegan or not, are available in any of the stores mentioned above.


  1. What is gnocchi made of?

Gnocchi, an Italian dish typically comprises mashed potatoes, eggs and flour.

  1. Is gnocchi a type of pasta?

Although gnocchi found in the pasta aisle in the grocery store doesn’t make it one, it is actually in the dumpling family.

  1. How can one store gnocchi?

The way one stores gnocchi depends on what aisle it was gotten from. If found in the dry pasta aisle all you have to do is to keep in a cool dry place. However, if gotten from the refrigeration section, should be stored in the refrigerator.

Where To Find Gnocchi In The Grocery Store

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