How Do Roto Rooter Employees Get Paid

In this we will see about the Roto Rooter Employees Get Paid

     Although the style of payment may differ depending on the initial agreement between an employer and an employee, it is a regularity for one to receive pay after doing a job in an organization. The amount of money to be paid, time it would be paid and conditions under which it would be paid are usually discussed between an employer and an employee before the commencement of work by the employees.

Roto rooter get paid.

     Most Roto rooter employees are paid based on commission and not hourly unlike most organizations. They get paid based on tasks completed. Their income relies largely on how hard they work.

Roto Rooter Get paid their Employees

     Roto Rooter is made up of various departments with employees that contribute towards its successful functioning on a daily basis. They include:

  • Plumber/Service Tech department which consists of the master plumber, apprentice plumbers, journeyman plumbers, plumbing supervisors, maintenance technicians, restoration technicians and field service technicians, e.t.c
  • Excavator Operation/General Labor department which consists of the operations manager, excavator laborers and septic tank servicer, e.t.c
  • Sales/Management department which consists of the office manager, safety coordinator, account payable specialist, quality assurance specialist, support analyst and administrative assistant, e.t.c
  • CSR/Dispatch department which consists of the customer service representatives, trailer/truck drivers, fleet dispatchers and service order dispatchers, e.t.c

Roto Rooter Employees Requirements:

     There are some duties required of employees by Roto Rooter. These requirements vary according to the different areas of specialization of employees. 

An apprentice plumber, for example, is expected to use the skills he/she must have learned from the master plumber during training to provide solutions to sewer and drain problems. Plumbers are expected to use their skills to solve whatever plumbing problem a customer has. 

An excavator laborer, unlike a plumber, is expected to be able to prepare work materials, tools and equipment at the work site, and assist the operations manager with the necessary equipment needed for excavation and descaling. He or she is also expected to receive and complete project instructions from the manager. 

A customer service representative is expected to provide customer service by following up with customers to ensure they are satisfied with work done by other employees in the company. He /she is also expected to communicate with laborers, plumbers and technicians to ensure they are working in line with customers’ needs. 

An account receivable representative is expected to secure invoice payments and ensure they are accurate. He/she is also expected to monitor the payment status of all completed jobs.

How Much Do Roto Rooter Get paid Employees Make

     Roto Rooter employees make around $18.92 on an average based hourly rate and $3000 in bonuses on an average based yearly rate. The average based hourly rate salary of the different Roto Rooter employees according to are as follows:

  • Master Plumber — $28
  • Apprentice Plumber — $17
  • Journeyman plumber — $21
  • Plumbing Supervisors — $33
  • Maintenance Technician — $20
  • Restoration Technician — $15
  • Field Service Technician — $18
  • Operations Manager — $19
  • Laborer — $18
  • Septic Tank Servicer — $21
  • Office Manager — $18
  • Safety Coordinator — $23
  • Account Payable Specialist — $17
  • Quality Assurance Specialist — $19
  • Support Analyst — $21
  • Administrative Assistant — $16
  • Customer Service Representative — $14
  • Trailer/Truck Driver — $19
  • Fleet Dispatcher — $20
  • Service Order Dispatcher — $12

Roto Rooter Employees Benefits:

     Aside from paying wages for work done, Roto Rooter also offers certain benefits to its employees which help to reduce turnover and differentiate itself from other organizations. 

     Some benefits include paid training for employees in their different areas of specialization, paid vacation for its full-time employees, tuition reimbursement, educational schooling programs, medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, critical care insurance, flexible spending accounts, long and short term disability, 401K savings plan, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, health savings account, occupational accident insurance, flexible spending account and not to mention but a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the dress code for Roto Rooter employees?

Field service employees are expected to wear uniforms provided by the company which is its polo and blue pants. Dress code is an exemption for outside sales representatives.

2. Will I get paid to work as an apprentice at Roto Rooter?

Yes, you will be paid while working as an apprentice at Roto Rooter.

3. Does Roto Rooter favor male applicants over female applicants?

No. Female applicants get the same opportunity as male applicants. Recruitment is based on qualification. The same thing applies to age, color, race and religion.

4. Do I need to prepare for an interview after applying at Roto Rooter?

Yes. Applicants are usually interviewed before selection.

5. Do I need a certificate to work at Roto Rooter?

It depends on the position you are applying for. While some positions require a certificate, others do not.

6. Do I need experience to work at Roto Rooter?

It depends on the position you are applying for. While some positions require experience, others do not. If an employee is inexperienced in an area that requires experience, he or she will have to receive training in that particular area.

How Do Roto Rooter Employees Get Paid

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