Tire Shops Near Me

In a world filled with potholes and sharp objects in the road, tire bursts or damage can happen at any time and find yourself needing a tire shop. There are many tire shops to buy from, but in this article I will highlight the main tire shops which can be found nearby in case you ever find yourself needing a tire.Here we will see about the tire shops near me.

tires shops near me
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Goodyear Tires:

Goodyear tires offers tires for all types of vehicles as listed below

  • 1.Passenger Vehicle Tires
  • 2.Commercial Truck Tires
  • 3.Off Road Tires
  • 4.RV Tires
  • 5.Racing Tires
  • 6.Aviation Tires

You can easily find a store nearby by going to their website https://www.goodyear.com/?us and filling in the information such as your license plate number or your vehicle year, make, model and trim this will ensure that you get the correct tires for your vehicle. You can either check a store nearby through the web by typing your address or order online the tire you require and get it delivered to you or collect it at the store. 

The prices start at $130.00 with a tread life warranty of 60 000 miles. Good year offers 12-month financing through Goodyear credit card, of which you can make monthly payments.

Tire America:

If Goodyear is not your go to store for tires, then you can visit Tire America, the store offers a discount of $100 when you purchase a set of 4 Nitto tires the offer is valid from 01/12/2021 – 31/12/2021. This is also an option to finance your tires.

Tire America gives you a 3-year road hazard warranty and roadside protection for free, the service is available every day of the year at any time that is 24/7/365 service. Of all the services offered the is also free shipping of which it does not matter how much you purchase to qualify for the free shipping, because there is no minimum purchase to qualify, it is available to all customers.

Tire America has the same service as good year whereby you can type in your car’s details, and they assist you with getting the best tires for your car or you can search by tire size, or brand and this can be accessed through their website at https://www.tireamerica.com/ 

Tire Rack:

Tire rack was established in 1979, and they assist customers in getting the right tires, performance wheels and other parts. They offer a test track for the customer to experience the performance of the tire they are purchasing, in the track are sprinklers which can assist simulate the wet rainy conditions for the customer to get the feel of the tire in wet conditions.  They also offer Ice and snow rinks where you can test for the similar conditions, this is especially important for the winter.

The are various methods to choose from after purchasing your tire, they can either have a mobile installer who comes in and installs the tires at your home or they deliver to their independent installer where you will go for tire installation, or you can pick up the order at their store lastly or they can deliver the tires to you.

Just like the other companies from the Tire Rack website https://www.tirerack.com/content/tirerack/desktop/en/homepage.html you can purchase your vehicle details or size, brand, wheel diameter and wheel packages. The is also an option to track your order so you know exactly when it will be at your doorstep.


There are many stores to purchase tires from, the options are not limited to the ones I have listed above but these ones show how diverse the stores are and how they offer different options with different user experience for the customer. It is worthwhile to shop around to get value for your money and get the right tires for your car which will be suitable for the conditions you will experience.

Frequently asked questions:

1.Is it necessary to take up financing?

No it is not necessary to take up financing,  you can purchase in cash or use your other bank’s credit card to purchase the choice is up to you.

2.How do I know which tires are good for my car?

Each store has friendly customer service of which they will assist with getting the best tires for your car, alternatively you can use their website to search for your best tires in a second.

Tire Shops Near Me

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