Understanding of Publix’s Termination Policy

Publix Organization 

Publix Super Markets Inc. or more famously recognized by its first name Publix, is one of the leading giants in the competition for the American market. The Public supermarket chain is undoubtedly one of the most successful chains in the United States of America and has established its base in Lakeland, Florida. Here we will see about detailed understanding publix’s termination policy.

Through this article, we have provided our readers an insight into the termination policy that is executed at the Publix’s organization. 

publix;s termination policy

Publix’s Termination Policy: 

Publix has established a crystal clear policy that concerns the termination of their employees. The Publix termination policy clearly highlights that employees will enter the organization voluntarily, which means that employees, who are hired, are required to work exclusively for Publix, unless they are either terminated by the organization, or if they leave their position willfully. The guidelines mentioned below are recognized as the reasons that lead to termination within the Publix company: 

  • 1.Publix believes in giving all of its employees an equal array of opportunities. Henceforth, all individuals are eligible to apply and work for Public. Employees are welcomed to apply, irrespective of their race, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, marital status, physical disability, and so on. Thus, if any Public employee is caught engaging in an unethical act (i.e. discrimination or harassment against other Public employee on any basis), he/she will immediately be terminated.
  • 2.At Public, honesty is considered a really important virtue in an employee. Therefore, if any employee is found guilty of engaging in dishonest/disorderly   behaviour, Public will immediately terminate the employee.
  • 3.While applying at Public, individuals are expected to put in their original and authentic information in their provided employment form. Potential employees should hold responsibility for the same. If Public, under any circumstances,  discovers that the information given by the candidate is false, their application will be immediately terminated.
  • 4.Public employees have the freedom to execute voluntary termination, if faced with any professional or personal life disturbances. Employees who decide to do so are always eligible to reapply for the organization.

Publix’s Termination Policy Process:

Termination is described as the process that marks the end or completion of an individual’s professional tenure with their current workplace/organization. Termination is often initiated in either of the following scenarios : 
  1. 1.The employ voluntarily leaves their job due to certain changes in their personal sphere or, 
  2. 2.The organization itself closes any one of its internal branch/units, due  to the branch’s continuous poor performance, and thus the organization may decide to let go of some of their employees. This termination may, however, be temporary (i.e. the terminated employee(s) are hired back after the organization is stable) or permanent (i.e. the employee(s) are permanently fired). 

There are several reasons why a particular employee is decided to be let go. Some of the major reasons behind publix termination processes are discussed below: 

  1. 1.The first, and one of the biggest reasons why an employee is terminated is immoral/unethical behaviour. An employee, who is found guilty of being active in illegal/prohibited actions such as theft, fraud, corruption, etc.  is likely to face termination from their current organization/workplace. 
  2. 2.Secondly, organizations may decide to let go of some of their employees in order to reinitiate the imbalance the organization has witnessed due to a sudden financial loss in business.
  3. 3.Thirdly, as already mentioned above, they may also decide to let go of certain employees because of inadequate performance. Employees who fail to perform their jobs with the expected proficiency, may get terminated by their company. Organizations are established and run on constant growth and profits. Any employee who fails to perform is undoubtedly let go of. 
  4. 4.In addition, an unstable personal life may force the employee to voluntarily leave their current position of work.
  5. 5.Lastly, continuous absence of an employee without any major reason may lead to their termination. 


The termination policy initiated at Publix is entirely based on the foundations of its beliefs and rules. Through their termination policy, Publix clearly expresses their resolution that their employees should abstain from unethical/dishonest behaviours, and should instead, strive to achieve success at an individual, as well as organizational level.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Question) How does a particular company/organization decide their termination policy?

Answer) Almost every organization has their own section of rules and regulations that they firm their business on. Therefore, every organization has a differently constructed termination policy, because these policies are based on a particular set of beliefs and rules. 

2.Question) What are the reasons that may drive an employee to resort to voluntary termination?

Answer) There are a number of reasons why an employee may choose voluntary termination. Majorly, people voluntarily leave their jobs because of an unending or an unmanageable issue. This issue can either be professional or personal. Thus, in order to restore their mental and physical wellbeing, people may temporarily leave their jobs. 

Understanding of Publix’s Termination Policy

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