Amazon Delivery To Post Office

Here we will see about the Amazon Delivery To Post Office

Have you at any point in time been unable to get a book or a novel that excites you. Have you been lost in the web trying to download the latest music or trying to see a movie you desire most, or even caught by inability to purchase housewares and electronics for immediate purpose. This article is for you.

Amazon Delivery To Post Office

Maybe you just wanted to get toys for your kids and possibly do some online shopping and get them delivered to your Post Office. Worry less, Amazon still got you covered. You can at the comfort of your home get all the above and so many more within a jiffy. It is just at your fingertips and with a snap of it, you get them delivered to your doorstep or nearest PO Boxes. 

Just so you know, Intelligent report has it that Amazon has over 200 million customers in the world with the largest percentage in the United States. It also has over 115 active centres in the U S and 185 globally. This should tell you that it remains one of the biggest and largest companies in the world and was founded by Jeff Bezos.   Amazon is a multinational online retailer, manufacturer of electronic book readers, web and digital service provider, cloud computing, houseware supplies, stuff delivery and many more.

YES, at your doorsteps, post office and wherever you desire. Maybe you have always encountered difficulty getting your goods to your location, smile because this is for you. If you stay in the United States, Amazon through the United States Postal Service (USPS) would bring an end to your challenge. Through this medium, you get your goods and orders delivered to the post office closest to your location. All you need do to get your orders to your location via the Post Office is to correctly choose your local post office or preferred pick up location while checking out Amazon’s websites. 

To aid you better, check how to do these things on the AMAZON WEBSITE.

  • 1.How To Place an Order for Post Office Delivery on Amazon.
  • 2.How To Track Your ordered item in the Post Office
  • 3.How To Get Your Order From The Post Office


To place an order for delivery, you would have to visit the Amazon website online. After this, follow the instructions on the site, some which include:

  • 1.First , start by placing an eligible item in your shopping cart, then
  • 2.Select Proceed to Checkout.
  • 3.Choose a delivery address. To do this, search for a Pickup Point or local post office location near you.
  • 4.Again, do your search by zip code, address, or landmark.
  • 5.Select Ship to this address beside your chosen location.
  • 6.Complete your order.
  • 7.Then finally, when the  package is ready for you to collect,  you will receive an email. This email will contain the information you need to collect your package. 

Also do well to include the right details. In Incase you  can’t find the above details, you can add an Amazon Hub location as your default shipping address in Your Account.


  • 1.Tap on order in the app menu,
  • 2.Click on the “Track Package” button.
  • 3.After that it would lead you to the return shipping timeline and you would be notified on the status of your item.


  • Visit the homepage and input your Amazon Tracking code or Post office Tracking Number.


  • You can also use other tracking websites like “Parcel Track”, if you have ordered multiple items.


After tracking your order and getting notified on the website or through an email notification of delivery, then proceed to do the following; 

  • 1.Go to the selected post office location earlier chosen during the checkout.
  • Present a valid Identity card to the officer at the branch station. Any of these IDs would be accepted ( Driving Licence, National identity Card, Passport, Birth Certificate, Debit Card, Cheque Books and others).
  • 2.Claim your package.


  • 1.When will I get my package?
  • You get your Packages by a delivery notification email, or after tracking the package from the website.
  • 2.Can I track my mail? 
  • Yes you can track your mail, with the new trend of “Informed Delivery” provided by the United State Postal Service. To do this, follow  the method prescribed above.
  • 3.How long does it take to get my order delivered.?
  • This most likely depends on your area. Generally, In normal circumstances, it takes a period of 0 – 14 days for delivery to your location. One can still get it delivered on that same day, depending on the closeness and mode of request.
  • 4.Can I pick up my package at any time that suits me?
  • Yes you can pick up your item any time that suits you, and if you fail
  • 5.Does Amazon Deliver to anywhere in the U.S.
  • Yes, to almost all addresses except those marked as ineligible. The U.S Postal Service has over 31 million postal boxes and delivery is available at over 31,000  facilities across the states.
  • Can I get my package delivered at the village?
  • 6.No, Amazon courier services are only available at major cities and towns in the U.S. Cities such as Utah, New York, Washington, California, New Jersey, Colorado, Florida,     Oregon, Delaware, Messachusetts and others.


     So with Amazon, there is no limitation to what can be ordered and delivered. Apart       from its USPS services, Amazon also uses other private logistics such DHL Express, XPO Logistics and others for its delivery purposes. When you think about getting stuff, shopping or delivery, you don’t need to rush over it. With Amazon, all you need do Is to go online, find what you desire, place your order and a day or two later, you get them at your nearest post office or whatever delivery location you have chosen for pick up. So enjoy.

Amazon Delivery To Post Office

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