Should I Tip Amazon Prime Delivery Drivers?

Here we will see about the Should I Tip Amazon Prime Delivery Drivers?

Amazon is a $1.76 trillion company that has embarked its name in almost all fields of market all over the world. Amazon is known for its excellent services and is always ahead of its competitors because of them out of box – customer focused services. One such service is Amazon Prime Now Delivery where Amazon promises to deliver in as less as an hour or two.

Amazon Prime Delivery Drivers?

Prime now delivery feature basically comes free for all prime subscribers and they offer deliveries of:

  • 1.Groceries
  • 2.Household Supplies
  • 3.Personal Care Products and many more.

1.Most of us have even used this fast delivery service of amazon but when we receive the delivery, 2.we find ourselves in a farce state, “to tip or not to”. When we are fully satisfied with the service, we don’t just want to thank the delivery driver, we also want to tip them because after all the service is really excellent and deserves appreciation, but it just doesn’t look as easy as tipping a waiter in a restaurant. 

The rule of thumb is if you are happy with the service, the person behind it deserves appreciation so the delivery drivers also deserve the tip. It is totally okay to tip the prime now delivery drivers.

Here’s a little about them that will help us understand why we should tip the prime now delivery drivers.

How are these Prime Now Delivery Drivers different from other Delivery Drivers giving services?

Well other delivery drivers like FEDEX, etc. have their “to deliver” items beforehand at the start of the day. These drivers pick the parcels from the warehouse at the start of their day and know about their delivery areas in advance. They then spend the rest of the days delivering these items to the respective addresses. If by any chance they fail to deliver the parcel on the same day, they can always try to deliver again the next day which is not the case for Amazon prime now delivery drivers. 

Also, these prime now delivery drivers are not employees of amazon. They are in fact employees of a local delivery company that are contracted by Amazon through its Delivery Service Partner programs.

Let me now take you through a day of an Amazon Prime Now Delivery driver… At the start of the day they are not sure how many parcels they will get to deliver. Once the demand of getting something delivered comes, they are then given the address of both the place from where they pick the items (which generally is a local Amazon warehouse) and then the address to deliver. 

They use GPS to reach the customer’s address. Since amazon promises fast delivery within limited time, even though the drivers are not penalized if late, they do have the pressure of delivering it on time. After finding the address they have to make sure the right person receives it.  

Struggles Delivery Driver face

The prime now delivery drivers must go through a lot to provide us with exceptional service, following are a few challenges they face almost every day.

  • 1.Finding the right address using GPS (I know GPS is helpful, but we can all agree that not all our homes are tracked on Google)
  • 2.Loading and unloading: Prime now Delivery drivers are generally on their own and they must single handedly load and unload the parcels.
  • 3.On time Delivery: They always have the pressure to deliver on time.
  • Travel Harassment: Let’s not forget that they have to travel and go through all the traffic that we all get very tired of.

How can we make their life a little easier? 

Even though they are paid employees, they use their own vehicle, so from the gas to the maintenance of the vehicle all goes from their pocket. At this time, your tips can really help them. In fact , the tips could really be helpful and can add on their salary. We all know anyway that they deserve it …

Is it against the company’s policy to tip the prime now delivery drivers?

Since getting deliveries is kind of new to us so we don’t know if tipping them is okay or not like we know while tipping waiters that it’s okay and that our tipping is not against any of the restaurant’s policy. But let me tell you, it is okay to tip the drivers too. Tipping prime now delivery drivers is not against the company’s policy. So, you can happily give them the tip.

So next time you enjoy the prime delivery service, don’t forget to tip the delivery driver without second thoughts. Well life is all about spreading happiness and your “thank you” with a tip would really make their day. There is a saying that nobody goes poor from giving… so tip them generously and don’t forget to spread the joy.


  1. 1.How much should we tip the prime now delivery driver?
  2. Ans: Always be generous while tipping. You can tip $3-5. If possible, anything between $10-15 would really help.
  3. 2.Do the delivery drivers’ employers know about the tips?
  4. Ans: As informed, it is totally legal to tip the drivers, so the employers have nothing to do with if or how much the delivery driver gets in tip.
Should I Tip Amazon Prime Delivery Drivers?

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