Difference Between Sushi-Grade Fish and Regular

Here we will see about the Difference Between Sushi-Grade Fish and Regular

There is not such a defined definition of sushi-grade fish. We can say it is a marketing term to increase sales in which the fish monks catch the fish and store them under the ice for the required time so that the harmful bacteria and parasites should be killed and it should be prepared in a form that could be consumed raw. So, we can say that the kind of fish which can be eaten raw are known as sushi-grade fish while those which couldn’t be eaten raw are regular.

Difference Between Sushi-Grade Fish and Regular

Sushi grade fish-

These fish are caught and stored on the spot in frozen ice at a very low temperature and could be eaten raw because of low parasitic and bacterial risk. So in the market, the frozen flesh of fish that could be eaten raw is sold as sushi-grade fish. In the process of storing these fishes, the seller had to follow some criteria provided by FDA and USDA in which they have given some important instructions about the raw fish. 

   The guidelines of the FDA mean the guarantee of parasite destruction. They provide the timeline and temperature for all those marine organisms that could be eaten raw.

Regular fish-

The fish which couldn’t be eaten raw comes under the criteria of regular fish. Our water bodies consist of various organisms and most of the fishes are highly infected by various parasites like tapeworms, nematodes, and roundworms. For reducing the parasitic effect it is suggested that the fish should be fried, grilled, or boiled before consumption.  

The common differences between sushi-grade fish and normal fish

S.no Sushi-grade fish Regular fish 
1It can be consumed raw.It should be eaten after frying, boiling, or grilling.
2It needs to be spot-freezing shortly after being caught.It may not need freezing for these fishes.
3It cannot be consumed instantly after catching it.It is easily consumable after catching it.
4These can be kept deeply frozen under -4 to -36 degrees for a long duration. But after we bought it home we needed to finish it in under 24 hours. After fishing, we can store it for a maximum of 1-2 days only.

Some commonly asked FAQs about sushi-grade fish and regular fish-

Question 1What are some common sushi-grade fishes and regular ones?

Answer 1- There are various species of fish available in the market and in which some common sushi-grade fish are tuna, farmed salmon, bluefin, skipjack, and bonito and some examples of regular fishes are sardines, rohu, Katla, catfish, carp, etc.

Question 2 How to identify the best sushi-grade fish in the market?

Answer 2- To make highly delicious food you need the best and fresh ingredients. So before buying any sushi-grade fish we need to check its condition in the store it is not true that whenever we went to the stores we are getting fresh sushi-grade fishes which are came just some hours before so for identification, we need to cross-check the following things-

  1. 1.Is it farmed, raised, or caught?
  2. 2.Where did the fish come from?
  3. 3.How long has it been stored here?
  4. 4.Does it follow the criteria made by the FDA?

Question 3- Do we need any special fish for sushi or can we make it with the regular one?

Answer 3- We can not use just any raw fish in sushi because regular fishes are not as such handled that we can eat them raw so it might contain some harmful parasites or bacteria which can be dangerous for abdominal health so it is better to cook them before consuming. But in sushi grade fish follow some instructions provided by the FDA in which they give the guarantee that the fish is stored at such minimal temperature that all the parasites are destroyed and it can be consumed raw as well. 

Question 4- For how long can we store sushi-grade fish or regular fish after purchasing and can we refreeze it?

Answer 4- Once you buy any sushi-grade fish from the store try to finish it in under one or two days and it is advised that we can keep regular fish for 2-3 days inside our fridge. If you are keeping it longer in the refrigerator for more than three days try to cook it before keeping inside. And if the fish is leftover outside for more than two hours do not try to refrigerate it because we are not having such powerful freezers at our home which can save our flesh from being rotten.


In this article we explored the difference between regular fish and sushi-grade fish. We checked out the criteria fixed for the fishes which can be eaten raw, and why all fishes are not allowed to eat raw. We came to know about FDA’s regulation for raw fishes and lately, we have discussed some commonly asked questions regarding the topic.

Difference Between Sushi-Grade Fish and Regular

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