Costco Mattress Return Policy

Here we will see about the Costco Mattress Return Policy

When you hear the word Costco what comes to mind? Well, for me is the wide range of affordable and quality furniture products and beds. Costco has the best deals for mattresses, couches and tables among other amazing products. Despite the great prices on their products, Costco has the best mattress return policy. 

Costco Mattress Return Policy

Comfort is very paramount when purchasing a bed and its mattress. Settling for the best mattress is never easy yet very important for a good sleep and a healthy back. Costco mattress return policy offers the best solutions if the new mattress does not satisfy the customer’s needs. Based on this policy, a buyer is able to easily return a product and even get a refund with or without a receipt! This article breaks down the Costco mattress return policy for the reader’s digest as follows.

Costco accepts the mattresses if opened

Returning an opened item in many stores is strictly unacceptable. However, at Costco this is not an issue. A buyer can return a mattress to Costco stores if it doesn’t meet their needs. Costco prioritizes its customers’ satisfactory needs, and is familiar with the fact that it takes some time to get the best experience from a mattress. For this reason, they accept the mattress as long as the cushions are clean and in good condition based on their standards.

Costco does not police return deadline

Costco’s satisfaction policy allows no time restrictions for returning a mattress after purchase. Costco understands that while using some mattresses such as shape-conforming and memory foam mattresses, it takes quite some time to realize its comfortability because they take longer to settle. The unlimited return time policy will enable you to send the mattress later as long as it is clean and tidy.

However, this is not always the case if the mattress was purchased a while ago and shows signs that they have clearly been used. If this is the case the return request has to be brought to the store manager for approval. 

Return of products at Costco is acceptable without a receipt 

“No receipt No return”, is a common policy in most stores but not Costco. Buyers are allowed to return any product, including mattresses without the original receipt. The only thing required is a Costco membership card. This card contains the member number and history of purchase that is required for the processing of the return and refund if required. 

Refund for a returned mattress is possible 

If you need a refund for a returned mattress or any other product, you can be assured that Costco will do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If a buyer returns a mattress to a depot or a store, there will be no delays in processing the  refund of cash or credit depending on mode of transaction for members and non-members.

However, if you are returning a mattress online, some additional time and requirement is necessary to process the refund. Costco carriers must first pick up the mattress and take it to Costco warehouse before beginning the refund process. This process could take up to 30 days! but be rest assured that your money will be refunded upon successful approval by the management.

Returning a mattress via Costco website is applicable

If you don’t find the mattress that you ordered satisfactory, you can easily use Costco’s website to send it back for a refund and replacement online. You only need to log into your account at Select Order & Return portal and follow the given prompts to schedule the return and pickup process from your residence. Moreover, Costco will send you additional instructions through an email if you have extra-large or difficult items. The best thing about Costco is that sending back any product will not incur any extra charges in shipping and handling fees, yet your refund will be  processed successfully.

Other people cannot return your mattress to Costco for you

One of the most frequently asked questions by Costco’s customers is whether someone else can return a mattress to Costco for them Unfortunately, the answer is no, Costco will only accept the refund or return request from the original buyer or those listed as household members on your membership card. An exception is if the mattress was donated or gifted, the receiver can return the mattress as a return gift but will be required to produce the buyer’s membership card  number. However, the refund will be issued in form of Costco cash cards.


Costco customer satisfaction policy and Costco mattress return policy is what keeps Costco fans and customers loyal to Costco. It is obvious that selecting the best and most comfortable mattress from a wide range of varieties is not a piece of cake. Thanks to Costco mattress return policy, you don’t have to keep using a mattress that does not meet your needs. Return it easily online or take it to Costco stores. The refund is processed quickly and efficiently, there is no time limit policing the return. You don’t even need a receipt, just your Costco membership card for a replacement or a refund. 

Costco Mattress Return Policy

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