Does Macy’s engrave jewelry?-All You Need To Know

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For all the departmental needs Macy’s is our one stop option. With its affordable prices and amazingly wide range, Macy’s has established quite a market and is now available in 200 locations world-wide. Whether it’s furniture, clothing, home decor, accessories or simple everyday necessities, Macy’s got it all. That’s why this retail industry leader has got coined as an iconic brand. 

Does Macy’s engrave jewelry?

Macy’s being one of the best in the fashion industry has also got its own jewelry line. Jewelry is the most intricate gift you can give to the people close to you. Whether it’s a gift to a loved one, for a boss to impress or just a treat to yourself, a touch of it being personal always wins hearts. That’s why it’s important to choose something with a personal touch like engraved or personalized jewelry. 

Macy’s does engrave jewelry and it has an amazing range of more than 500 items. With 11 categories such as Anklets, bracelets, charms, earrings, etc to choose from it also provides a huge metal collection. Either white gold or sterling silver, Tungsten or rose gold, customer satisfaction is assured. 

Need help to choose what to get? Is this a last-minute shopping for an almost forgotten anniversary? Don’t worry! We got you. Steps to keep in mind while choosing your personal engraved jewelry are

  1. Make sure to filter your options according to price, metal or brand. Too many options can confuse you because they’re all so good!. 
  2. Always check the reviews posted by other buyers so you’ll know exactly what to expect.
  3. Make sure to always checkout Deals of the day along with sales and discounts
  4. And finally, make sure to cross check the spelling of what you want engraved on your jewelry otherwise you’ll end up with a happy valen’times’ day bracelet like me!

The Engraving Etiquette

Like a great artist once said “Whether it is romantic, nostalgic, funny or even a little dark, it should tell a story.” Make sure the inscription that you want, either a drawing or a name or any other meaningful piece will fit well on the piece of jewelry that you desire. The desired engraving and item of jewelry should be compatible. Lucky for you, Macy’s provides excellent customer service and you can always get in touch with the experts and get their professional opinion before finalizing what you want. Always keep in mind that this could be something that would be cherished for a long time!

Does size matter?

Most people think bigger the ornament, better. But they cannot be more wrong. There are a lot of factors that come into play while choosing what type of jewelry to go to. If you want to keep it simple and intimate, you cannot go wrong with choosing rings, earrings or simple charms. Small drawings, names or details are well suited for it. If you’re aiming for dates, quotes or something big and clearly seen, you should go with bracelets, watches or necklaces. An engraved jewelry box has also been a fan favorite according to Macy’s customer intel.

The science of compatibility

It’s also very important to make sure that the engraved ornament you choose is usable by the person you give it to. You need to ask yourself is this their style? Is it well in their comfort zone? Are they allergic to it? Does it suit their skin type? Either way you should end up with an amazing and perfect choice given Macy’s range.

Add some bling

Macy’s also allows people to customize their ornaments with the jewels of their choice like diamonds, emeralds, pearls and rubies so that your engraved jewelry is true and unique to you. But always remember “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”

Every stone has its own uniqueness and beauty. Which is why, Macy’s gives you a variety of 18 stones which could be chosen according to style, bling, color or even zodiac compatibility. But hey, if you wanna go with simple and classy, nothing wrong with choosing no stones.

Hope this article has helped you on all the questions you had on Macy’s engraving jewelry. With the right inscription, bling and your own personal touch, you will be able to create something beautiful that could be cherished for a lifetime.


  1. Question : Does engraving cost extra at Macy’s

Answer : depending on the jewelry you choose and the size of word or art you want to get engraved, Macy’s will price it accordingly

  1. Question : Can i return back something i got engraved

Answer : Yes. engraved or not, Macy’s has a return policy which will let you return something you’re not satisfied with, no questions asked.

  1. Question : What if i purchase a wrong size

Answer : it’s best to always make sure you get the right size, but Macy’s got you covered anyway. With their return and exchange policy, you can contact the customer support and get it done. But if you alter or size it by yourself, your return request will be canceled

Does Macy’s engrave jewelry?-All You Need To Know

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