Does KFC Have Wi- fi?

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is a worldwide spread chain. It serves fast food like burgers, fries, wings and everything greasy that you can crave. KFC is an American fast food company that has spread its legs across the globe and comes on top whenever fast food is mentioned. Does KFC Have Wi- fi?

Does KFC Have Wi- fi?

KFC does have Wi- fi in its restaurants. If it did not have that, it would obviously fall behind from its competitors. So now if you need to work on that project but you are also craving that piece of fried chicken leg, you simply need to go to your nearest KFC restaurant.

In order to access the Wi- fi in a KFC restaurant, what you need to do is simply connect to the Wi- fi in the restaurant, put the password in that is given by the customer service and voila! You are using the Wi- fi now. If however, you are a first time user and have not before registered your account with KFC, you need to follow the below given steps to successfully access to the Wi- fi.

As a feature of the free Wi-Fi experience, subsequent to signing on, clients will show up at a KFC point of arrival which will incorporate menus, exceptional offers and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They can then access the internet connection from that point.

Steps on how to use the Wi-fi of a KFC restaurant

You can simply go to the KFC page. A sign saying connect to Wi- fi is present in the middle of the page.

By clicking on the sign, you are transferred to another page where you will need to put in your account and password. It has both options, sign-in as well as log-in.

If you already have an account in KFC page, you simply need to log-in to that account.

If you are a first time user, click on the sign-in option. As soon as you do that, you will be directed to another web page that will ask you several details.

Fill in the details as asked. You will then receive an OTP i.e., One Time Password on the phone number that you mentioned in the details section.

Fill in the OTP as soon as possible. This will result in your mobile number getting registered with the KFC.

From then on, you are registered in the KFC database and hence you will be connected to the Wi-fi.

Now you are registered with the Wi-fi system and can connect to the network whenever you are within the range of it. But, what are the further benefits of being registered in the system?

Have you heard of the one-tap smart order system in KFC?

It’s a Wi-Fi based gadget, that stores the information. You need to login into the KFC to arrange one. Then, at that point, the gadget must be associated with the Wi-Fi network as indicated by the directions given on the authority pamphlet. Whenever you have decided your order, you really want to press the button to arrange with the dynamic Wi-Fi association.

But this only works with the one order, to get another you need to get new KFC one-tap. Then, at that point, the KFC will send the affirmation to the enlisted number. Upon the getting the SMS, one needs to answer “1” to that number (different number each time).

Want To Find Other KFC Restaurants At Different Locations?

Being registered into the KFC system also helps you find KFC restaurant within your location. It can help you know the opening and closing time, as well as whether dining option is available in your nearest restaurant or not.

Want to Order Online?

If you are snuggled into your bed or are in the middle of a very important scene of your favorite TV show, you can simply order from your phone without even calling anybody. Simply go to the restaurant nearest to your location, choose from the menu whatever combo you are craving right now, add it to your cart and press order. You will receive your order within few minutes.

Wi-fi is has become in today’s world, a kind of necessity. In the ongoing pandemic if you want to stay sane, you need to stay connected. Since you cannot meet your loved ones, you can only connect with them online, do your work online and entertain yourself online. Connecting to the Wi-fi system of KFC is a very easy task. It will not only help you do your work while you are eating, but also make things easier for you. Hence to attract more customers and keep up with the changing times, KFC also has Wi-fi in its restaurants. You only need to access it.

Does KFC Have Wi- fi?

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