Does Shein Take Visa Gift Cards?

Shein is a fast growing fashion brand that focuses mainly on women’s clothing. It also has an amazing collection of men’s wear, kid’s clothing, accessories, bags and shoes. Shein’s growing popularity is mostly because of its varied and trendy designs in its clothing collection.Here we will see about the Does Shein Take Visa Gift Cards?

Does Shein Take Visa Gift Cards?

There are various methods of payment that can be used to place orders at Shein and Visa gift cards are one of them. Yes, Shein does accept visa gift cards to make a purchase. However, one needs to be sure that the gift card has been activated. The best thing about using a visa gift card to make a payment is that it is hassle free and time saving as Shein doesn’t ask for name, billing address or billing zip code associated with the visa gift card unlike most other online payment portal.

Shein only requires the 16 digit visa debit card number, expiration date and 3 digit security code that can be found at the back of the card. This makes it easy and less time consuming to go through the entire process of paying online for an order.

What are Visa Gift Cards ?

A Visa gift card is a prepaid debit card that can be availed from banks and retail stores. This card is a quick replacement for cash and works the same after being activated. The cardholder can use it to shop as long as there is balance and anywhere that accepts a visa.

Steps To Use Visa Gift Card For Making a Purchase at Shein

• Log in to Shein app and select the item you want to purchase or head with something you already had in the cart
• Click checkout and add Credit/ Debit card as a payment method. You may need to select a shipping method at this stage that may be standard or express shipping which will adhere to its charges respectively
• Continue purchase and the next step shows up your order number with purchase details. You need to fill up the details of your visa gift card here – 16 digit card number, expiration date and 3 digit security code. Then click on purchase
• Your order will be placed and pop up on the screen will read – payment successful
This is how you can easily use your visa gift card to pay for an order on Shein

Points To Keep in Mind While Using a Visa Gift Card

• One must make sure that the visa gift card has been activated before heading up to make payments.
• Your visa gift card can be utilised only till it has balance. It is a prepaid method, hence you need to load the card with enough balance that meets your requirement.
• The great thing about visa gift cards is that they can be used anywhere in the United states where visa debit cards are accepted.
• Visa gift cards are subjected to expiration after a particular period of time. The date is printed on the card which must be kept in mind

Why Choose a Visa Gift Card For Paying at Shein ?
Shein makes the use of Visa gift cards easy, safe and convenient. Shein never saves or reviews personal information on the card. It does not ask for information like name, billing address or billing zip code entitled with the Visa gift card while making a payment.


Shein accepts Visa Gift cards as a mode of payment for purchase. It is easy and user friendly. One can make use of bonus points or coupon code, if any, during the process of payment. There is a discount of 10% on every first order on Shein.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the other methods of payment available on Shein ?
Shein’s payment method is easy and user friendly. The various payment methods she provides are Debit card, Cash on Delivery, Credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, Diners club, Discover network. You can also pay using paypal, afterpay and klarna. There is a 10% discount on every first order at Shein.

2. Why is Shein not accepting my Visa gift card payment?
You have a probability of your payment via Visa gift card being declined if your card has not been activated or the checkout purchase price has exceeded the available balance on card or there is an error in the credentials of your account details.

3. Why does it say ‘Payment Failed’ while trying to make a transaction to Shein?
You need to enter the correct credentials while making a transaction. Any change in information can lead to failure of ongoing transactions. You need to make sure that the card you are using is valid and eligible to use. Shein customer services are ever ready to take best care of your concerns. You can reach out to them anytime on the customer service number or chat.

Does Shein Take Visa Gift Cards?

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