Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?

Here we will see about the Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?

The market of retail chains has grown to heights in the last few years, making the competition for retail chainers very tough. To be on the top, popular retail companies such as UPS and Purolator provide package return policies to provide more convenience to their customers and now it may seem that American retail chain Kohl’s have also started to offer return policies to their customers. However, it might still be a question for you if Kohl’s takes Amazon returns or not?

Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?

Answer to your question, yes! Kohl’s have now started to accept Amazon Returns. However, the return policy may not apply to each and every Amazon product you want to return. Only eligible items will be taken as return items by Kohl’s. And also, Kohl’s stores in Alaska and Anchorage still don’t provide an Amazon return policy. Kohl’s store will also not charge any return fee from their customers.

How to successfully return an Item bought from Kohl’s through Amazon?

If due to whatever reason you want to return your Kohl’s Amazon package, you can easily do so in just a few easy steps. 

Step 1:- In your Amazon account, access to the order section under “Accounts and Lists”.

Step 2:- Select the “Return or Replace Items” option.

Step 3:– Enter your reason to  return the item and select the refund option (different stores may apply different refund options).

Step 4:– Now you’ll see an “Kohl’s Drop-Off” option if you are returning the packing from an eligible region, select it.

Step 5:- You’ll be sent an QR code through the email address linked with your Amazon account. 

Step 6:- Bring the QR code along with the item package to your local Kohl’s store and go to the Amazon return section. 

The rest of the work will be done by the attendant and your package will be returned.

Does Kohl’s provide the Amazon return service in every region?

According to Kohl’s Amazon return policy, you must have to be living in a region close to the Kohl’s store to be eligible for the Amazon return service. 

For instance, if a person lives in a region which is far away from any local Kohl’s store, let’s say 10 miles, there is a high probability that he/she may not be eligible for returning his/her Kohl’s package delivered by Amazon. 

Again to note, not every Kohl’s store is offering a return policy on their Amazon packages. For instance, if you live in the Alaska and Anchorage region, you might find yourself not be able to return the Amazon delivered package to your local Kohl’s store. 

You can look into your Amazon account’ “Kohl’s drop-off section” to know if your region is eligible for the Kohl’s return policy or not .

No third party return allowed 

Kindly note that Kohl’s will not be responsible for any third party return for their packages. And to prevent such consequences, Kohl’s stores  have a strict policy to allow return of packages from only customers  who have the QR code sent on the email linked with the Amazon account from which the package was ordered.

Charge for returning your Kohl’s package.

To make their customer’s Kohl’s shopping experience more convenient and easy, Kohl’s doesn’t charge any return fee whatsoever from their customers. In fact, if you go to drop off your Amazon delivered Kohl’s package at your local Kohl’s store, they might offer you reward coupons that you can use in the store.


American retail chain Kohl’s have now started to accept return packages that their customers bought through Amazon. However, only eligible items will be accepted for return and customers will not have to pay any return fee whatsoever. Another major eligibility criteria is the region in which the customer who wants to return the package lives (must be living within the radius of 8 miles from a Kohl’s store). You can follow the above mentioned easy steps to return your Amazon delivered Kohl’s package to your local Kohl’s store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. If I have opened my Amazon package brought from Kohl’s, am I still eligible to return it?

Answer. Yes, Kohl’s return policy allows their customers to return the eligible item packages even if they have opened it. 

Q2. Do I have to pay any extra return charges for returning my Amazon delivered Kohl’s package?

Answer. Absolutely not, Kohl’s does not charge even a penny from their customers if they want to return any eligible Amazon delivered Kohl’s package.

Q3. I live in the region of Alaska, can I still return my Amazon delivered Kohl’s package if the item is eligible for return?

Answer. As of current, Kohl’s does not support return policy in the region of Alaska and Anchorage. But in future, you might be able to return your package even if you live in these regions.

Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?

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