Walmart Bike Return Policy

Walmart is considered as one of the largest American-based companies on the basis of revenue. So no doubt, the services provided must be efficient and trustworthy. One of the services includes the “Walmart Bike Return Policy in 2021”. This new policy has made a whole new change in the Retail Market industry. Walmart has a relaxed return policy, as its main intention is to keep the customers happy and encourage them to return to the store.Here we will see the Walmart Bike Return Policy

In case the bike purchased from Walmart is of the wrong size or defective, then you can go for a return order without any hesitation. If the bike is unpacked the “No questions asked” policy will be carried on. In some cases, the customer can return the bike and in some cases, he/she can exchange it for another product. But all the products are not returnable. There are some terms and conditions that need to be followed.

Walmart Bike Return Policy
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Terms and Conditions

Not all bikes Purchased from the store of Walmart are returnable. The product’s return ability is based on what powers the bike and the intended use of the bike.

According to this policy, Walmart allows a return of unopened or unused bikes but with some terms and conditions.

  • 1.Bike should be bought within 90 days.
  • 2.Bikes bought from Walmart or Walmart Online should have a receipt by 2021.

If the customer wants to exchange the bike, or even wants a refund on a return, they must do it within 90 days from the date mentioned on the receipt.

But, there are some exceptions which include:

Electric Bikes:

Returnable within 30 working days. Since they are electronic products, they automatically fall into Walmart’s category return policy 

Dirt Bikes:

 Not eligible for return.

Gas-Powered mini Bikes:

Not eligible for return.

Dirt Bikes and Gas-powered bikes are the only exceptions to Walmart’s return policy, as both of these are non-returnable and non-refundable.

What if the receipt is lost or damaged?

You can go to the store from which you bought the bike and ask them for a little assistance. They may get you another receipt if you provide them with the government id and the card you used for the transaction.

In the worst case, if the receipt is not able to get revived, still you can exchange the product for a replacement or in exchange get a gift card.

According to Walmart’s return policy, all return policies are free. So while returning the bike, no restocking fee is charged from the customer.

Keep scrolling to know some more crucial points about the policy in a detailed way.

How do I return to the store?

If you want to return the bike hand in hand near your Walmart store, then simply take it to customer service during working hours. If the bike has come with packaging, be sure to pack it accordingly before taking it to the store. Any additional parts or accessories that came with the product need to be packed with it.

What if the bike is a gift?

Sometimes the bikes purchased are for gifting the closed ones. So how can we place a return order, knowing that receipt is unavailable?

  • 1.In Some cases, the sender provides the recipient’s mail while making a purchase. So they can use the order number written in it for returns and refunds.
  • 2.Other than that you need to ask the sender to initiate a return order on your behalf if you don’t have the receipt with you.
  • 3.Without proof of purchase, you can use a photo id to get verified and Walmart will process the return through its refund verification system. Once the verification system accepts your request, soon you will receive the refund in account credit

How to return bikes by mail?

To return the purchased bike by mail, Go to your “Online account” and print the free return shipping level. Securely pack the bike and ship it back or set up a carrier pick-up.

You can also use FedEx, UPS, or USPS to arrange free pick-ups.

What if the product is defective or damaged?

If the received product is found to be defective or damaged, then the customer can go for a refund or replacement at any Walmart store. 

Refund Policy 

There are different options for returns, which Walmart has to offer,

  • 1.Cash Refunds
  • 2.Debit or Credit Card refunds

Guidelines For Walmart Bike Return Policy:

  • 1.It may take up to 10 working days for the amount to be credited to the account.
  • 2.You must have an original card, which was used to purchase to get the refund on the same account. Otherwise, the customer gets a refund with a Walmart gift card.
  • 3.If a debit card was used then, you can request to get the return in cash.


This new bike return policy is one of the most customer-friendly policies in the retail market industry. For any unopened product the “no questions asked” return policy is available for 90 days.

So now even if you open the box or lose the receipt of your bike, you can still place a very convenient exchange order.

Walmart Bike Return Policy

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