Does Subway Have Pizza?


The world is constantly upping its game when it comes to food and outlets. So, in this article, we will let you that whether subway have pizza or not. Regular and amazing editions of basic food items are seen each day. Every place has its own version of the best and is updating its menu to suit the dynamic taste buds of the people. Be it traditional cuisine or the classy pizzas and burgers- each has a variety of styles and flavors. Several outlets are also selling many items together under one roof. So picture this, if you have a friend who loves salads and sandwiches but you’re a fan of pizza, the food hubs of today have got you covered! 

Does Subway Have Pizza? – An Overview

A frequently asked question- does Subway have pizza? Known famously for their wraps and subs, if only a pizza lover can include a delicious pizza to his Sub meal. Yes, they can! Subway has a limited variety of pizzas. However, it’s not for everybody. Neither is it at all stores. Just like they have a limited variety, they also have a limited sales target for it. Their focus lies more on their unique and scrumptious sandwiches and many other items on the menu before they can reach pizzas. Read further to know what pizzas Subway has and whether the outlet nearest to you sells them or not. 

About Subway

When you think of Subway, you first picture a long bread loaf loaded with any and every topping and filling you could desire! You’re not wrong. Subway is the go-to place if you have insanely unique customized food cravings! However, Subway has evolved over the past years. Subway also allows you to indulge in their range of fries, salads, cookies, meals, and much more. The list is long, the menu is thrilling. Quality and taste is their priority. Your combination can never be wrong as long as you love it! Therefore, Subway goes all out when creating their products so you’re divinely satisfied after every bite!

Subway & Its Pizzas

So does Subway have pizzas? Yes, they do! But what’s the catch? Well firstly, these are rarely available. Secondly, there is a very limited variety. Here aren’t over 5 options to choose from. Moreover, these may not be available in all stores. There are only a few selected outlets that arrange and make pizzas. Furthermore, there’s something called a secret menu that people have been going around. This again is a catch because while the secret menu has the pizza, you don’t really know which store has that menu or not. Still, for those lucky ones who get to the part where they can choose from the kinds of pizzas at Subway, here are a few examples. 

Firstly, Subway divides its pizza products into 3 broad categories. These are further divided based on the sauces, toppings, and so on. 

  • Flatizza 

From the name itself, we know this is the flatbread category. That’s right, no fluffy and puffy bread but a square flat rolled bread covered in marinara or a sauce of your choice and topped with a mix from a selected list. The list from which one can choose toppings includes cheese, pepperoni, sausage, spicy Italian, and veggie. There may also be an option to include extra toppings like extra cheese, olives, and so on. 

  • Regular pizzas

These are the normal pizzas that you get. So if you’re in the mood for just pizza and nothing extra, you can head to a Subway store. These are the regular 8-inch pizzas that allow you to choose from a couple of sauces to quite a few toppings. The sauces include mayo, sweet chili sauce, marinara sauce, herb garlic oil, and more. The toppings include pepperoni, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, avocado, pickles, and more. There are also a variety of cheese types to choose from. Parmesan, swiss, feta, or cheddar, take your pick!

  • Sandwich pizzas

This is what we can call pizzas the Subway style. These are crafted and created to give you the authentic pizza taste with a nostalgic sub feeling. A wonderful 6-inch sandwich loaded with delicious fillings. The ones in demand are the chicken pizzaiola and the pizza sub melt. These are more likely to be available compared to pizzas across various Subway outlets. So, if your nearest outlet doesn’t have pizzas, maybe try one of these!


As mentioned before, there is a high difference in the availability of pizzas across all Subway outlets. Moreover, even if pizzas are available, it’s not necessary that they’ll be in stock to be ordered. However, if you get your luck, these are worth the try!


  • What is the price of a Subway Pizzaiola?

The Subway Pizzaiola designed specifically to give the pizza flavor in a traditional sub is not as common as other subs in the store. They may not always be available at every outlet. The price ranges under 8$ and may differ depending on the extra toppings and other things.  

  • Does Subway sell big pizzas? 

It’s rare that you’ll get a  huge Subway pizza. The general 8-inch ones are limited to a few outlets only. Moreover, there isn’t much focus on pizzas over subs. The flatizza, as well as regular, are both around 8 inches. However, Subway doesn’t really make huge pizzas with a limited selection on their menu. 

Does Subway Have Pizza?

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