Does Stanley Steemer Clean RVs?

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Stanley Steemer, founded in the year 1947, is an American company that specializes in various types of cleaning. The list includes carpet cleaning, tiles and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and also air duct cleaning. Headquartered in Dublin, Stanley Steemer was the first business of its kind to be found and leads the carpet cleaning industry even today, more than 70 years after it was founded by Jack A. Bates. Here, in this article, we will be discussing whether Stanley Steemer clean RVs or not and how they do that.

Although the company has made a name for itself in the carpet-cleaning industry, Stanley Steemer clean RVs and cars. RVs often have different types of flooring and upholstery, and the experts at Stanley Steemer are well skilled to handle them efficiently. Stanley Steemer uses state-of-the-art facilities to clean them.

Why should RVs be cleaned? 

It is quite plausible that the upholstery inside the RVs and the floors may take some serious wear and tear after years of use. The floors of an RV can usually be made up of many materials. As such, it is extremely important to have the interiors of the RVs cleaned once a year at least. It is suggested that professional cleaning services can be used because the experts usually carry out a preliminary check before deciding what is the best technology that can be used. 

How Stanley Steemer Clean RVs?

Stanley Steemer might be the best company that one can choose to have their RVs cleaned by. The company has already made a name for itself in the carpet cleaning industry and knows the industry well. The cleaning would remove any discoloration on the walls or the floors, and would also remove any stains from carpet, hardwood, tiles, etc. Different technologies would be used for different materials, and the strength of the chemicals used depends on the extent of the damage. The individuals at Stanley Steemer are also well accustomed to cleaning sun and water-resistant fabrics.

How to get RVs cleaned? 

One can simply head over to the website and book a service or call the nearest Stanley Steemer center. The customer needs to mention a few specifics and Stanley Steemer sends their experts for inspection after the booking process is completed. 

Customers can also take their cars to the nearest Stanley Steemer center and avail themselves of the services. In this case, the charges for cleaning the RVs may be slightly less as the transportation fees are saved.

Charges to clean RVs:

Stanley Steemer usually charges different rates for different types of cleaning technologies used. The average cost for a ChemDry wash is around $300 while using coit can cost upwards of $500. The experts at Stanley Steemer first conduct a thorough check-up before deciding what is the best technology that can be used in the particular case. You are assured to get the best possible service each time.

Payment method: 

After the cleaning is done, people may choose to pay the amount by using one of the offline or online methods. Stanley Steemer does not take any advance fees and customers can also have their fees refunded if they are unhappy with the service provided.

Area of services offered: 

The services offered by the company are limited only to the United States, where they have more than 280 locations in 49 states overall. In addition to the cleaning business, Stanley Steemer also provides facilities for water damage restoration and sponsors the NASCAR “30 lap Stanley Steemer Race Model”, held annually at Rockford, Illinois.


Thus, it can be seen that the experts at Stanley Steemer are well trained to carry out the cleaning of RVs and other cars as well. Although carpet cleaning is their forte, they have managed to take advantage of their state-of-the-art facilities to gain a considerable foothold in the other sections of the cleaning industry as well. One can rest assured of getting the best possible services from the company each time.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

We took a look at some of the most asked questions on the internet about Stanley Steemer and the services offered by the company. In this section, we have compiled a few of them along with the appropriate answers. Let us see:

  • Should the carpet cleaner be tipped?

The standard tip for carpet cleaning can be anything between $5 and $20. However, one thing which needs to be kept in mind is that this is not mandatory and is entirely upon the discretion of the customer. A situation when the carpet cleaner should never be tipped is when the customer understands that the cleaner himself, is the owner of the business.

  • How long after cleaning can the things be put back into the place?

There is nothing mentioned on the website as such and it is best to ask the cleaners about the timings after which the things can be put into place. The usual time would be somewhere between 24 to 36 hours. If someone tries to put the items back on too soon, the items may get spoiled due to any wetness in the materials cleaned. 

  • If the spots have reappeared after cleaning the RV, what should I do?

The website says that there is hardly any chance of the existing spots reappearing after they have been cleaned by Stanley Steemer. It may happen that the spots have reappeared due to some cleaning substances sticking to the surface of the floor or the carpet. In the case of this happening, the customers are requested to contact Stanley Steemer immediately via their toll-free number.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean RVs?

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