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 Doll skill tracking is a very interesting and useful skill to show the abilities and creativity of human beings. In history many things and demands have changed from doll skill tracking to the requirement and illustrations of the artist but this art is so popular in the ancient  and in the modern world .


Answer Paragraph

For the doll skill tracking required the ability of deep thinking , realizing, creating and hard working. It is not a work or job but a passion with the heart touching. An artist who crafts with doll skill tracking must have knowledge of culture , social background of the Nation, latest fashion and the trend of generation. 

It could be a hobby of the women and may be a business of a creative person .The industry of doll skill tracking increases from home made to the factories.The  process of doll skill tracking in the factories is so fascinating and interesting because there are many ways and procedures are used with the rubber , plastic , polymer and other kinds of materials which are suitable for crafting this.

Doll skill tracking is useful for demonstrating the talent and society trend. It’s also led to a small business to big business and a source of making money at home with fun and creativity. It’s so simple and creative work thus it appeals to others for learning and showcasing their talent. The fun of doll skill tracking is so popular in the homes and trying to solve this puzzle in the below shows knowledge and skills.

Steps to Doll Skill Tracking   

  • 1.Drafting
  • 2.Selecting 
  • 3.Preparing
  • 4.Showcasing


Drafting is an art and a more crucial stage . This stage also  demonstrates the ability of balance and techniques of measurement. For the drafting of doll should be used a paper,scale,pencil and eraser. The cm scale will appropriate for the small dolls which are hung easily by the little girls. The pattern of the dolls should be like how much whole the body approximately length for example twelve cm. Now care fully measure the others parts of body like head, neck, central body , legs ,hands and hairs. If any measurement goes wrong then the beauty of doll would be vanished.


Material selection is also an important aspect of  doll skill tracking. There are include fabric,wool, thread, needle, cotton as per required doll measurement and other kinds of materials selecting by the choices of doll maker how to be he or she see the doll to his or her perspective for example for the eyes may be used button and beats. Which type or color better or suitable for doll color and dress color.


First cut the fabric according to the draft with space and carefully because when you fill the cotton in the inner space then the shape will look beautiful.  Head of the doll made first. The front part of the head of fabric hold on frame and made the eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips with the different colors of thread. Choice of that you are making a doll with one pattern which easiest way or that different parts of the body of the doll made by alone and at last joining with each other. According to this method stitching the pattern and fill the cotton gradually with the thin rod of every part of body properly. After filling the cotton join the every parts of body with the same thread of fabric with needle.


The admiration stage of the showcasing. This stage demonstrates the beauty of your creativity and idea of the culture. Prepared the dress of doll according to the girls demand and interest.When the doll worn the dress by the creator then select the jewelry for the doll according to her dress and made the sandals to the card papers and decorated it with matching the dress and style.At the last took the photos of your creativity and share it with your family and friends.


Doll skill tracking is not one of the successful talents which enhance the ability of the creator but also the creator lives with the real world business and demand.According to this situation searching and desired result also valued for the creator and its creation so the success possess under the hardworking which could be increase the number of artist from the home made industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can you become a businessman with doll skill tracking?

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2) Can you make the dolls with the raw material of the home ?

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3) Can doll skill tracking be the best hobby for the creative person ?

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4) How important is it to follow the steps carefully ?

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