Does Does accept prepaid cards??

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The growing transition to cryptocurrency has contributed to 10 million users of In order to accelerate this transition to cryptocurrency, allows the users to buy Coin (CRO) and other cryptocurrencies using their credit, debit and prepaid cards. 

Does accept prepaid cards?

Answer Paragraph 

– Prepaid cards are required to be topped-up before making a purchase. Once topped-up, they can be used to purchase CRO and other cryptocurrencies in the App. Unlike a credit/debit card linked to a bank account, prepaid cards are comparatively faster and more convenient to make a purchase of cryptos.  

Steps to Buy Cryptos Using Prepaid Cards

  • 1.The Trade button has to be clicked, and the users are required to select the Buy option
  • First, the users are required to select CRO or their preferred cryptos 
  • 2.On the screen that follows, the users should add their prepaid cards to create a link to the payment gateway
  • 3.Once the card details are entered, the users are required to verify their card
  • After the verification, the users have to click on the Buy button and enter the desired amount of cryptos and select their card
  • 4.Then, the users are required to confirm the transaction using their passcode or fingerprint, following which the transaction will be processed.

Which Prepaid Cards are available in the App? provides selected gift cards which could be purchased using cryptocurrencies. In the App, there is an extensive list of different categories starting from airlines to education, which offers different brands and their locations that could be purchased using the gift cards. Using CRO as the payment method, the users can make a purchase and they are also eligible to receive Pay rewards depending on the category of the gift card they have purchased. These prepaid gift cards are in electronic forms and there is no expiration date for US-based gift cards. 

What is a Visa Card? introduced Visa cards which are prepaid cards and guarantee 8% back on spending. Visa Card comes with many benefits such as free subscriptions to OTT platforms, airport lounge access, and ATM withdrawals. The users are required to top-up their Visa Cards using Fiat Wallet, Crypto Wallet, or their credit/debit cards that are linked to their bank accounts. Once topped-up, the cards could be used to pay in online retail shops and in Points of Sale (POS). The cards are sent virtually, but EU/UK and US users could also put in a request for a physical card to be delivered to their addresses. 


Buying cryptocurrency using a prepaid card is expensive compared to credit/debit cards, because the fees charged are higher than that of bank transfers. However, it’s a convenient option for a faster way of making purchases since there is no requirement of approval from the bank. Further, a user would never run the risk of overspending when using a prepaid card to buy cryptos because the cards allow the users only to buy Coin and other cryptos worth the amount that is already available in the prepaid cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should you use a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is beneficial to pay for cryptos and other things when you are not willing to spend money from your bank account. You would never owe a bill with a prepaid card, since you are using the money already topped-up.

2) Why is the best place to earn? enables users to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies. It is cheaper and provides rewards to users in different ways. is user-friendly, and provides an easier and a convenient way to carry out trading. The users could also send CRO to their friends, and on each of those transfers the users are entitled to receive certain Pay Rewards. 

3) Why should you use Visa Cards? Visa cards are prepaid cards that provide additional rewards to the customers including free unlimited airport lounge access, free subscription to music and movies, and interbank exchange rates. This card is a Visa debit card that also enables cash withdrawal from almost any ATM worldwide.  Further, unlike cards linked to bank accounts, Visa cards do not charge any monthly fee, annual fee, shipping fee, or any setup fee.

4) How could you use prepaid gift cards that are available in the App? App enables the users to purchase gift cards using CRO. With each purchase of gift cards, the users are also eligible to receive certain Pay Rewards and sometimes a cash back depending on the category of the gift card they have purchased. The gift cards offer popular brands covering different categories such as airlines, hotels, food and beverage, general retail, fashion, entertainment, taxi, gas and diesel, grocery, education, and financial services. 

Does Does accept prepaid cards??

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