Lowes Shoplifting Policy 2022

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Company Overview:

Lowe’s is the largest home improvement retailer in North America that sells products and services for home improvement, landscaping, and pest control. Lowe’s is a retail chain operating around 1000 stores in North America. So, in this article, we will tell you about Lowes Shoplifting Policy.

In addition to hardware stores devoted primarily to home improvement. Lowe’s stocks approximately 55,000 items at any given time throughout their stores nationwide.

Lowes Shoplifting Policy

Lowe’s has an Anti-Theft/Shoplifting Policy posted for both their customers and employees. Lowes Shoplifting policy is to prosecute any individual who attempts to steal from their stores. They will press charges and you will be arrested if you shoplift merchandise from their stores. If you are caught stealing, either by a cashier or security personnel, Lowe’s will ask for the merchandise back and if they are not able to get it back they will call the police and have you arrested on site. If you are caught shoplifting your first offense will result in a minimum of six months suspension from all Lowe’s and RONA stores. You will be charged with the misdemeanor crime of theft and will face additional charges from law enforcement officials if you refuse to pay restitution fees or serve a sentence on work release/probation.

  • If a customer is caught stealing from Lowe’s, they will be asked to return the merchandise at that point, if not able to get it back, they will call the police who will arrest them at their store that day. 
  • If an employee is caught stealing, Disciplinary sanctions, including termination, may be taken against them. Their disciplinary actions may include suspension without pay and/or criminal prosecution against them by law enforcement officials. Lowe’s does not make it a policy to call the police and have an employee arrested, however they are allowed to do so if they wish.

Lowe’s Security Policy

Lowe’s employees are required to report any suspicious activity to the Loss Prevention department. Lowe’s also requires their employees to watch out for potential shoplifters and apprehend them if possible. Employees must follow this policy to keep their jobs, and failure to do so will result in disciplinary action against them by Lowe’s management team.

Lowe’s associates must also take part in 8 hours a year of training provided by Employee Resource Associates (ERA). The training consists of 3 days of classroom training and continual awareness from the security department. The main theme of the training is to teach employees how to recognize, prevent, and respond to suspected shoplifting activity.

In-Store Security

Lowe’s employs many security personnel in every store location. These employees wear bright orange vests and walk around every aisle in their store. Their main responsibilities are to enforce Lowe’s policies regarding theft, report all suspicious activity, and assist customers with any questions or concerns about products or services sold on Lowe’s lot.

Loss Prevention

Lowes uses groups known as Loss Prevention to combat shoplifting and keep Lowe’s a safe environment. Loss prevention consists of 2 different types of employees, Security Personal and Store Associates. Security Personal work shifts from 8 am-4 pm and 4 pm-2 am. Store Associates work shifts from 10am-10pm, 10pm-8pm, 6:30am-6:30pm and 2:30am-2:30pm.

Security Personal is trained to recognize abnormal behavior in customers as well as remember suspicious items such as open shopping bags or items that are not in their original packaging. Store Associates are taught to look for any item that is out of place or not in its original packaging. For example, if someone is carrying a large item and trying to get something small through the line, this would raise suspicion in a Store Associate. They are also taught to watch out for people who have been previously convicted of shoplifting.

Lowe’s Shoplifting Policy FAQs

  • May I be placed on “suspension” by Lowe’s if I have worked at Lowe’s for 1 year?

No. If you are detected stealing, Lowe’s can only put you on suspension or terminate your employment. You cannot be disciplined by Lowe’s simply because you’re working there. If you’re not caught shoplifting, you will work out of their stores, under the same terms as any other employee.

  • Does my termination or suspension prevent me from claiming Unemployment Insurance?

Yes. If you were fired or suspended for shoplifting, the Unemployment Adjustment Board may deny your claim.

  • If I was caught stealing from Lowe’s will I lose my job?

The answer to this question depends on your disciplinary record. If you have no disciplinary history at Lowe’s you will probably not be fired for stealing.


In the United States, shoplifting is illegal in all states and carries a fine of up to $2,000 and a maximum of one year in prison. As it is a federal crime, shoplifting is prohibited by the United States Constitution as well as the laws of every state. Shoplifting has also been known to be related to organized crime, drug trafficking, and prostitution.

Lowes Shoplifting Policy 2022

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