Subway Cheese Types Available in 2022

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When it comes to food, no one should compromise. Many options and factors that decide and develop mind-blowing flavors, the food industry is just growing. There are many toppings and add-ons. One may also call them special ingredients that have the power to sweep you off your feet and change the entire texture and taste of your dish. Pickles, pepper, lime, garlic, and many more. The list goes on. Ingredients like these can be used for almost any cuisine. Here, we focus not on an important super ingredient but also a much-loved one. The one stretches, melts, and is purely divine. That’s right, we’re talking about cheese. We will discuss Subway cheese types available at their outlets.

With over 1000 kinds of cheese available, food hubs have long started to offer variety in their meals. 

Subway Cheese Types 

Let’s talk about Subway. When you imagine sandwiches, rolls, wraps, fried or even pizza if you’re asked about one ingredient you can add, what would it be? You’d surely opt for cheese if you had to choose for so many items. Cheese is a tasty and necessary factor in most of the items on Subway’s menu. Therefore, having options to choose from for cheese is a profitable and brilliant strategy for Subway to have. And yes, Subway does! From Feta to Parmesan, they’ve got you covered. Have a look at the types of cheese available for different items in this article. 

About Subway 

It the all-famous for its wraps. Subway has been focused on selling only the best and unique range of subs and rolls. Sandwiches, wraps, fries, salads, and others came in later to raise the bar. Quality has never been compromised and customer satisfaction is indeed a priority. Peri-Peri, a vegetarian, or even BBQ, name it and they have it! They are no stranger to flavors. Subway aims to try every combination and serve only the best-chosen ones to its customers. When it comes to cheese, there too they have tried their hand at a variety. 

Types of Cheese at Subway 

When we talk about cheese at Subway, we can consider those as toppings or even those used as a main ingredient in the dishes. Here is a list of the same 

  • Main 

When we say main, we can look at these two types as the border categories. One that is available as an option with almost every dish. There are 3 main types of cheese that Subway offers namely the American and Mozzarella. 

  1. American 

American cheese is one of the most popular cheeses all over the globe. Be it your wraps, sandwiches, pizza, or any other dish, Subway will always give you the option of American cheese. Melting into a silky and creamy texture, this cheese is the ideal one to choose if you want a rich and heavy feel to your meal! 

  1. Mozzarella 

Mozzarella is a southern Italian cheese that is largely favored. This cheese is used more as the main ingredient than as a topping. This means if you ask for any dish with cheese, you’re likely to have this one incorporated for its fantastic ability to blend with the flavors of other ingredients. While it is commonly used in pasta, there is no mistake that it does wonders for pizzas and subs too, the reason why Subway keeps it as one of their main ingredients. 

  1. Monterey Cheddar

Another commonly used cheese is Monterey cheddar or any other cheddar cheese. Popularly known as Cheddar, this cheese is among one of the favorites. However, specifically focussing on the Monterey Cheddar, this one is among the main kinds due to its unique flavor that comes with a slight sweetness. This adds to the overall flavor in your subs. If you’re headed for a tangy sub, this is a perfect choice! 

  • Extras 

These are the not-so-common types of cheese that you will find in a limited amount at limited Subway stores. These are not always up on the menu. Moreover, these may be offered only as toppings. 

  1. Swiss 

From the name you can tell, this cheese comes from Switzerland. Known for its textures, this is a great option for melting over all your ingredients or for garnishing too. This taste is said to be rich and delicious compared to others. Furthermore, it’s bright yellow which adds a good look to your sub or wrap. 

  1. Feta

A greek cheese that has the texture of curd. This is not a very favorite one nor is it very common among stores. It has a rather unique and strong taste which is suitable only for those with an eloquent and high taste for cheese. However, it makes a great addition to other cheeses and on pizzas at SUbway too!

  1. Pepper-jack 

If you find this cheese to go with your sub, you are in luck! A truly divine and flavorful addition to your meal! A kind of Monterey CHeddar but blended with peppers, chili, and other ingredients to make a truly divine cheese!


Although Subway does offer as many kinds of cheese in various stores, some factors will affect whether or not these are available at specific Subway stores. Season, size of the store, policy, and many factors will decide whether to have a kind of cheese or not.


  • Is Provolone cheese available at Subway?

This is what people call wine cheese. Provolone cheese is another excellent option to add to your Subway meal. While it is said to be available, the case is so for a selected few stores. 

  • Does Subway charge for extra cheese? 

Yes, they do. Subway chargers for extra cheese depending on the amount and type of cheese you ask for. For instance, extra cheese for a six-inch sub may cost anywhere between 0.30$ to 2$ 

Subway Cheese Types Available in 2022

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