Lowes Flooring Return Policy-Know More  

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Flooring plays a very important role in making a home more beautiful and classy. It enhances the charm of a home or any other place of residence. Most people prefer authentic and durable flooring products for long-lasting performance. Not only durable floorings, but the brand should also be reliable so that a client enjoys a hassle-free return in case the quality of the flooring is not up to mark.

Lowes Flooring Return Policy

Lowe’s is one of the most popular brands in America in terms of the home improvement industry. Lowe’s floorings can be returned under 90 days from the date of purchase. A client has multiple options to return the product. The flooring items can be returned via an in-store facility or they can be picked up from the client’s place. Return request has to be me within 30 days from the date of purchase days in case of custom orders.

What Is The Procedure For Return? 

Since Lowe’s offers multiple returning facilities, it has defined different processes for a return too. To return via in-store facility, the customer is required to bring the flooring to the Lowe’s service point. The flooring must be in original packaging and unused and in new condition. The client must produce an original purchase receipt and valid id proof such as a driver’s license or state id proof at the time of returning the product. To arrange a return pick-up from home, a customer has to reach out to Lowe’s customer service by exploring the official website of Lowe’s. A client may call or send an email regarding the returning issue. 

Does Lowe’s Accept Returns Without Original Receipt?

Although Lowe’s offers a smooth return process. The return process becomes a little complex in case the original purchase receipt is missing. In most cases, the original receipt can be extracted by entering the details of the original credit card, or by looking into the user account number, my Lowe’s card, or phone number. If the original receipt couldn’t be found using these mechanisms, Lowe’s will issue in-store credit against the returned product at its discretion. Lowe’s demands a valid photo id proof such as a driver’s license or state id proof card to accept returns without an original purchase receipt. Lowe’s is not entitled to accept a return request until the request is approved by Lowe’s internal algorithm. Lowe’s reserves the right to refuse return requests or impose a limit on the number of returns placed without an original purchase receipt. 

In What Other Way Lowe’s Accept Returns? 

In some cases, clients face a delay after requesting a return pick-up. Lowe’s has defined this process to initiate the return. Under this policy, a customer will have to ship back the flooring product to the mentioned Lowe’s address. Below mentioned the steps to ship the product at Lowe’s address;

  • Step 1: Pack the flooring in a shipping package carton box
  • Step 2: Put all the original materials that including packaging materials, product manuals, and accessories, inside the carton box
  • Step 3: Place the return receipt inside the carton and attach a shipping label outside the carton box
  • Step 4: Hand over the carton to a trusted parcel carrier or place the parcel at any carrier location

What Is The Refund Technique of Lowe’s?

Likewise multiple return techniques, Lowe’s presents several refund methods too. All the refunds will be issued in the form of cash, or the funds will be credited to the bank account or will be issued in the form of an in-store credit, or through the original form of payment. In case purchase was made via a Lowe’s gift card, refund card, or in-store credit, the amount will be issued in the form of in-store credit only. If the product was purchased via a debit card, the amount will be credited to the account within 15 days. 


Lowe’s has maintained a reputation as one of the most trusted brands in America for supplying durable home improvement products. Lowe’s offers a trouble-free return policy to their clients. Clients are allowed to return flooring products if the original purchase receipt is unavailable due to some reason. However, the client is required to produce original photo id proof issued by the American authority. Lowe’s provides several refund methods too. Refunds will be credited to the account, by issuing in-store credit, or in form of cash. Products purchased using Lowe’s card, merchandise card, or in-store credit are eligible to get a refund in cash or bank transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will Lowe’s accept returns without the original receipt?

Well, Lowe’s demands the original bill, but Lowe’s will extract the original purchase receipt through the client’s details. In case, details couldn’t be tracked, Lowe’s will accept returns at its discretion on producing a picture id proof.

2) Does Lowe’s provide a refund for shipping or installation charges?

No, Lowe’s has clearly mentioned it doesn’t provide a refund for a few facilities such as shipping charges, labor charges, and installation charges. A client has to bear the cost of shipping charges.

3) How can the flooring be returned to Lowe’s?

A customer has multiple options to return. the customer may choose to arrange a return pick-up, return via in-store feature, or ship the flooring back to the address provided by Lowe’s.

Lowes Flooring Return Policy-Know More  

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