Buffalo Wild Wings Happy Hour: When Is It?


Food cravings are one of the best kinds of cravings you can get. So, What is Buffalo wild wings happy hour, and what is it? The sudden urge to have a saucy pasta or a spicy burger beats nothing! No matter where we may be, we reach out to satisfy these cravings. In this process, we discover new dishes, restaurants, and even ways of eating. If you want cake for breakfast or a burger for lunch, nothing should stop you. That’s why restaurants are on the dynamic quest of satisfying hunger in every way. Compromise should be last on the list and that’s why different policies upgrade the menu and the restaurant itself to give you the taste you’re looking for! Right from rewards, coupons to mind-blowing deals, eating just get fancier. 


Needless to say, with many new strategies in place, many restaurants, and food chains prosper. They have the advantage of constantly pleasing customers with authentic but new and unique ideas. Not just their food but their service is also commendable and that’s what gives a worthwhile experience. Be it drinks or food, everyone is aware of the happy hour. Everyone cherishes it! The happy hour policy is one of the most efficient and productive ones for many outlets. In simple terms, a happy hour is a period wherein several items on the menu including snacks, drinks, and more are available at reduced prices. Moreover, there may be additional perks attached like a buy one get one free, get an additional item for free with your order, and so on. This differs in every eatery. Buffalo wild wings have a happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. Read on to see what their happy hour has in store!

About Buffalo Wild Wings

From the name, one can guess that this place specializes in Buffalo wings. And you’re not wrong! Buffalo wild wings is a sports bar and restaurant with some of the most scrumptious food. They have everything from appetizers, drinks, food, and more. Coming to the sports bar part, if you’re a Great Salt Lake fan or you enjoy volleyball and baseball, you can relax and watch the match with fellow fans and sip on chilled beer at Buffalo Wild Wings! Don’t miss out on their buffalo wings and their range of savory sauces and snacks that can’t beat the feel when combined with a good match on television!

Buffalo Wild Wings Happy Hour: When Is It?

While Buffalo Wild Wings has many rewards, deals, and offers, the happy hour is one that the people love. Happy hour as they call it is supposed to last for an hour. However, Buffalo Wild Wings understands your excitement and has an extended happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm. This is carried out from Monday right through Friday. 

Here’s the twist. Being a sports bar, they need to have something for the late-night matches, to celebrate the wins and get over the losses too. That’s why Buffalo Wild Wings has an additional Late Night Happy hour. This is from 9 pm to approximately 11.00 pm. Only a few restaurants have this extended happy hour and Buffalo Wild Wings is one of them! 

How does it work? 

So what are the perks of the happy hour? From Monday to Friday, between 3 and 6 pm find amazing discounts as well as reduced prices on the favorite and popular items on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu. While most of the items on the menu have a discount, there is more! Various selected items that are most favored as well as drinks are reduced to a range between 3$ and 8$. These include the following: 

  • Chips and salsa, domestic beers, margarita, cherry and grape bombs, and other selected appetizers between 3$ and 4$
  • Import craft beers, import drafts, jager bombs, tacos, and other selected items for 4$ 
  • Lemonade, pickles, onion rings, premium beer for 5$ to 6$

There are many other items available at a reduced price during the happy hour that is from 3 pm to 6 pm and 9 pm to 11 pm. These may vary depending on availability, days, occasions, and other factors. The selection of items whose prices are declared as reduced may also differ each day.


Buffalo Wild Wings being a sports bar and a restaurant has perks lined up. Moreover, having happy hours twice a day makes it all the more worthwhile. If you miss out on their happy hour during the day, give it a try after 9 pm! 


  • Do Buffalo Wild Wings have cocktails at reduced prices in their happy hour menu?

Yes. On most days, Buffalo Wild Wings has a range of cocktails between 4$ to 5$. These include mojito, margarita, and more. However, the selection of cocktails may differ each day.

  • Is there a happy hour at Buffalo Wild Wings during the weekend?

It is unlikely for restaurants to have happy hours on weekends. Buffalo Wild Wings has a clear mention of its happy hours from Monday to Friday. Therefore, it’s safe to assume they don’t have happy hours on weekends. 

Buffalo Wild Wings Happy Hour: When Is It?

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