Starbucks Sriracha 

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Are you a great fan of the coffee giant; Starbucks? Especially as a fonder associated with an exclusive range of sandwiches and rolls etc.? If so, I’m pretty sure that you may never have missed the wonder of hot spicy Starbucks Sriracha sauce. 

Starbucks Sriracha 

Sriracha is a hot spicy chili sauce (1) which is ranked among the tops in the spectrum of condiments you would find at Starbucks. Once you indulge in a bite of your breakfast egg sandwich with oozing cheddar and spicy sriracha, you would end up audibly gasping..! However, some of you may be off the radar. Let’s go into detail about Sriracha.

First, let’s see what makes up the Sriracha at Starbucks.

What makes up the Sriracha sauce at Starbucks?

The hot spicy sauce is a blend up of the following ingredients (2). 

  • Jalapeno puree (2) with added salt and citric acid (3)
  • Garlic 
  • White vinegar
  • Red bell pepper puree
  • Paprika
  • Carrot fiber (3)
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Salt

In addition, Starbucks serves Honey BBQ Sriracha Chicken with Sriracha added as a seasoning. Added with pickled red onion and filled in a focaccia roll smeared with California oil (4). 

Upon drizzling Sriracha on your sandwich, salad or focaccia rolls you would end up with a gourmet dish just as a magical food cart. The majority of the experiencers have been reviewed that the sauce starts with a sweet tone and you would find your final bite in a spicy kick..!

Secondly, let’s see how Sriracha found its way into Starbucks.

Birth of Sriracha sauce at Starbucks

Yes of course..! It was completely upon the requests of customers like you who love to date your fiancé at Starbucks. Especially if you are a sandwich fan of Starbucks who wishes to have a splash of a hot spicy sauce in each and every bite. Accordingly, along with the immense demands Starbucks has introduced that never have enough Sriracha to their exclusive range of condiments in 2016 (3).

Let’s see which food items are accompanying Starbucks Sriracha.

Have Sriracha along with these food items at Starbucks.

Though it was introduced in 2016 at Starbucks, the majority of the customers are off the radar (3). Here onwards whenever you are ordering at Starbucks, feel free to ask the barista for this awesome sauce Sriracha especially along with the following food items for a spicy finish and a sweet beginning.

  • Egg sandwiches and others stacked with cheese and pickles
  • Salads
  • Focaccia rolls except Honey BBQ Sriracha chicken as it is almost glazed with Sriracha 
  • Pastries

Sriracha is not categorized as healthy to eat. However, everything has some source of nutrients, benefits and downsides as well. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of having Sriracha sauce.

Potential health benefits of Sriracha

  1. Exposure to a range of Vitamins, Iron and Salt

You may be exposed to a wide range of Vitamins and as well as Iron by Sriracha (5). The Vitamins are as follows. Vitamin

  • A
  • B6
  • C
  • E

In addition, Sriracha can be introduced as a rich source of Sodium due to the incorporation of salts among the five main ingredients.

Heart health

The first and foremost health benefit is supporting your heart health. The compound ‘Capsaicin’ found in Chili helps patients with Angina. In addition, it may help such patients to increase their ability to exercise (5). However, more research is needed to be carried out regarding the claims.

In addition, Capsaicin is responsible for weight loss by heightening the overall energy expenditure and thus metabolizing body fat rapidly.  

Capsaicin is also considered an anti-cancer agent.

Furthermore, health benefits are due to the incorporation of garlic.

Lowering blood cholesterols 

Due to garlic, cholesterols and triglycerides in your blood may lower. This is happy to have conditions especially for those who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases (5).

Potential downsides of Sriracha

The main downside is due to the elevated content of salts found in Sriracha. It may result in heightened blood pressure especially due to frequent intake (5).


Starbucks has introduced Sriracha for their condiments range in 2016 due to customers’ immense requests seeking a sweet, but hot and spicy sauce mainly for their sandwich indulgence. It is a chili sauce. By having Sriracha along with whatever you prefer, you may be exposed to a range of vitamins, iron and salt as well. Due to Capsaicin found in chili, you may get beneficial effects on your heart health. In addition, it may help you lose weight and Capsaicin is considered as an anticancer agent too.

Frequently Asked Questions on Starbucks Sriracha

  1. Can you buy Sriracha at Starbucks?
  2. Sriracha at Starbucks is coming only as a complementary to your food range. Hence, you can’t buy them at Starbucks. However, feel free to ask the barista to have some tiny sachets along with your order to cherish the moments with a sweet and spicy kick.
  1. Is Sriracha only available at Starbucks?
  2. Absolutely not. Sriracha is a world-renowned condiment. The most popular brand of Sriracha among Americans is “Huy Fong ”, which you’ll find easily at Amazon. It is made out of sun-ripened chilies. You would come across a 1-ounce bottle with the label “Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce ”. In addition to sandwiches which are specially mentioned along with Starbucks Sriracha, “Huy Fong ” would be excellent in soups, pasta, pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers and chow mein, etc. (6).
  1. Does Starbucks Sriracha produce on its own?
  2. Yes, of course. They use a brand of their own and you would find a milder tone in Starbucks Sriracha than the one you usually find at other Asian restaurants (3).
  1. How many calories would you find in a tablespoon of Sriracha?
  2. it’s just 15 Calories (5). 
  1. Is there a shortage of Sriracha?
  2. Unfortunately, according to the Department of Public Health, it has been enjoined to cease the production of “anything that causes noxious odors” (7). Consequently, a “Huy Fong” shortage may arrive until mid-January (7). Merely just a shortage. If you are dying to have Sriracha these days, you can easily grind green chilies on your own for a super-hot spicy tastes.
Starbucks Sriracha 

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