About Amazon’s Pre-order Policy

When it comes to online orders, our mind instantly goes to Amazon! By getting hold of an Amazon subscription, you can not only avail yourself of benefits like same-day delivery of goods, but can also stream music, watch videos, read e-books, and even go grocery shopping! What is more alluring is that Amazon provides the option of pre-orders. What is a pre-order? A pre-order means that you can place an order for a product that has not yet been produced or released. Pre-ordering comes in handy when demand, for a certain product, is quite high, or when production runs are small. Now that we know what it means to pre-order products, let’s move ahead! So now let’s know about Amazon’s pre-order policy.

About Amazon Pre-order Policy

What is Amazon‘s Pre-order Policy?

According to Amazon’s pre-order policy, the customers are not charged instantly when they pre-order a product. Typically, the card on file is charged within a few days of the product’s release, or when it is out for shipping. 

One of the difficulties faced in pre-orders is that prices are prone to change. In other words, you may pre-order an item with a certain amount, however, when the product is released, its price may change. However, on Amazon, you can look for the label of ‘pre-order price guarantee,’ which guarantees the price.

How to Place a Pre-order on Amazon?

  1. Open the Amazon app on your laptop or mobile.
  1. On the top, you will find the search bar. Click on it and type the name of the item that you wish to pre-order.
  1. If the item has not yet been released on the app, you will find the ‘pre-order’ option in the add to cart button.
  1. Above this button, you will also find the date of release of the said item.
  1. Once you choose to add this item to your cart, you will receive an order-confirming message. 
  1. After this, you can click the yellow Proceed to Check Out button on the top right corner.
  1. Now, all you have to do is select the correct address and credit card information.
  1. When you’re ready, select Place Your Order.

Once you follow these steps and successfully place your order, you can easily check your order’s status by clicking Returns and Orders. When you find the item that you have placed a pre-order for, click on the Track Package button right next to it. Amazon will provide you regular email updates regarding the item and you can also cancel your order if you wish to!

When Does Amazon Charge for Pre Orders?

One of the most basic concerns among customers is whether Amazon charges instantly when you place a pre-order. Let’s address this query as well!

Amazon does not charge you immediately when you pre-order an item. However, the actual price is charged based on how early you have pre-ordered the product and when it is shipped. Nevertheless, Amazon will charge you either a few days before the item is shipped or on the day it is discharged.

How much Time do Amazon Pre-Orders take to Ship?

As regards the duration, it usually depends on the fact that you have placed a pre-order and whether you are a prime customer or not. Amazon keeps in mind whether you are one of the customers who order regularly from them. And if you turn out to be a Prime Member, then your pre-order is inclined to be shipped just a few days before it is discharged. However, if you are not a Prime Member, then your item is usually shipped on the discharge date mentioned. 

Benefits of Getting a Prime Membership

You can easily get an Amazon Prime membership at $12.99 per month after a month of a free trial, or at $119 per year! If you haven’t yet had a Prime Membership, now is the time to get one! 

  1. Free Fast Delivery: If you get an Amazon Prime membership, you become liable to get free fast delivery. Although in the case of pre-orders, you will receive them when the product is released.
  1. Prime Video: You can avail the benefit of getting access to Prime Video as well.
  1. Exclusive Deals: Getting an Amazon Prime membership also opens the door to the users to get access to good deals on top brands and many exciting offers.
  1. Prime Music: With this, you will be able to get access to ad-free music and unlimited downloads. 
  1. Coupons:  Getting an Amazon Prime membership also makes you eligible to get coupons through which you can save a lot!

From explaining Amazon’s pre-order policy to providing a list on how to pre-order and informing how much time it usually takes when you pre-order a product- all information has been provided here. So, the next time you think about pre-ordering that enticing book from Amazon, you will have all the information that is necessary and can use it to your advantage!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is a pre-order price guarantee?

This ensures that you are being charged the lowest price.

  1. Is the process of pre-ordering similar to regular ordering?

Yes, the two processes are quite similar.

About Amazon’s Pre-order Policy

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