Are my Chemist Perfumes Real?

Here we will see about the Are my Chemist Perfumes Real?

Chemist perfumes are perfumes designed with the same name, label, packaging, design and smell very similar to the real perfume. Chemist perfumes are characterized by how cheap they are as compared to original perfumes. They boast over 85% discount on the original price. This leaves questions on the realness of the perfume.

Are my Chemist Perfumes Real?

Chemist perfumes can be real or fake. They can be real when they are bought from other countries in bulk and then sold cheaply thus ensuring customers get a good deal. They can also be fake when they try to replicate the original perfume and there is change in the composition or even the perfume is watered down. The perfume could also be expired thus making it fake.

Chemist perfumes are cheap due to various reasons; firstly, most chemist perfumes are parallel imported, this means perfumes are bought in bulk from another country at a cheaper price thus making their selling price also cheap. Parallel importation is legal in the USA and the goods are not always counterfeit or fake. 

Secondly, the brand’s shops where original perfumes are sold are always over-decorated, with high level service but in retail shops where chemist perfumes are sold the quality of service is not over the top thus driving prices down. Thirdly, the ingredients used in making chemist perfumes could be cheaper and lacking all the layers in the original perfumes, most especially the base notes which are expensive.

We will dive into differentiating between real and fake perfumes below.

Difference between real and fake perfumes

These differences will help you to identify real and fake perfumes.

1. The Packaging

Key packaging items to look out for fake perfumes are; the labeling on the package, color codes of the package, misspelled brand names, the cellophane wrapped around the box is messy or loose, there is excessive glue or adhesive tape on the box and smudged barcodes. A simple google check on the original perfume’s packaging from the brand’s site can help compare for possible fake perfume.

2. The color of the liquid

Any difference in the color of the perfume is a major tell tale sign of the perfume being fake. Most fake perfumes have intense coloring and tend to have a dark coloring, to give off the idea of being highly concentrated. All perfumes from the same brand have the same color hence the color of a real perfume should be consistent.

3. The scent’s longevity and notes

The big difference is that an expensive fragrance is more likely to last longer and has better quality. Most cheap perfumes can replicate a pricier version’s top notes but without the proper essential oils, mid-notes and base-notes, it won’t be able to wear as long. You shouldn’t compare fake and real perfumes on the first spray, but check how they both smell on you after several hours. A fake perfume will have no smell at all or even smell awful after some time. Cheaper perfumes tend to be sweeter. “This isn’t because sweet smelling ingredients are just cheaper than others but because cheap perfume tends to be marketed for younger people( who tend to have less money).” writes Estevez.

4. The price of the perfume

Fake perfumes are palpably cheaper than real perfumes. If the price of a perfume is very low or higher than the regular prices, then it may be a fake perfume. Fake perfumes are made with ingredients of poor quality and contain high levels of alcohol which makes the overall price of the perfume low. Before buying perfume it is always advisable to do thorough research on the market prices of the perfume.


Chemist perfumes can be real or fake but one now can be able to tell the difference between a real and a fake perfume. This helps you to avoid being prey to fake perfumes. It’s always important to do proper research before buying a perfume, to know the prices and the feedback from other users. Ultimately, preference for perfume differs from one user to another and prices are not the only important thing to check when purchasing a perfume. Scent like, floral or spicy and memories brought about by the perfume are also important.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where is it safe to buy perfumes?

Large retail chains and department stores are probably safe. These may include Target, Sephora, Macy’s Ulta, etc. The brand’s own shops and website is probably the safest place to purchase perfumes as there is guarantee of legitimacy. One should be wary of small mom and pops shops that sell high-end perfumes for cheaper prices.

2) Should I be concerned with fake perfume?

Yes you should be concerned. Most fake perfumes don’t pass manufacturing standards and you cannot ascertain what is in them. The ingredients used are unregulated and could be toxic to the human skin causing allergic reactions, itching and redness. If you start using a perfume and it starts reacting on your skin, immediately stop using it, and if it worsens seek a dermatologist advice.

3) Are online perfumes real?

Most online selling of perfumes are fake and are looking to con customers into buying fake products. They advertise genuine perfumes but upon delivery they are fake products. One should also be wary of people re-selling perfumes online, claiming they were gifts from friends, they are looking for their next victim to sell fake perfumes.The brand’s website is a safest online space to purchase perfumes from.

4) Does a perfume expire?

Yes, perfumes have expiry dates. They are  provided by the manufacturer on the product, mostly at the bottom of the product. Ensure you check the expiry date before purchasing the perfume. An expired perfume changes in its color and scent which can cause allergic reactions to the skin like itching and redness, when applied.

5) Is an expensive perfume always real?

No, it could be a fake perfume sold at its original price just to siphon your money. Be careful and buy from a trusted outlet.

Are my Chemist Perfumes Real?

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