Does Tj Maxx sell fake perfumes ?

Introduction for TJ Maxx:

The film, “Scent of a woman”, told the story of a blind man who could identify a person’s personality just by their perfume. The movie’s main cast was Al Pacino , Chris O’Donnell and perfumes . Perfumes have had a growing importance in recent times , smelling good determines a person’s friend circle . Advertisements promise lasting happiness based on these bottled elixirs and even if the individual wants the smell of rain preserved in a container , companies make it happen. Here we will see about the Tj Maxx sell fake perfumes.

tj maxx sell fake perfumes?

Fragrances are said to determine people’s personality , taste and can also influence their mood , behavior and perception. The growing demand to smell like YSL , Davidoff , Elizabeth Arden and many other such brands is on the rise . Some associate perfumes with a status quo , others with their emotions and even memories . Festivals like Valentines day , Christmas and New Years see a significant rise in sale of perfume , with Christmas in a bottle , or Valentines day perfume gift set. The industry is expanding each year. 

There is a major downside though , many stores sell fake perfumes to the point that rarely is it distinguishable from the original , the need to meet an increasing market has led to impersonations of popular perfume brands.

Who is TJ Maxx?

Expensive stores are avoided by the mass on the behest of a mall which sells products at a lower range. TJ Maxx, an American departmental store, is known to sell products and services at a reasonable price compared to most malls. It has over 1000 stores in the United States of America and is a flagship chain of TJX companies. 

The big question – Do they Tj Maxx sell fake perfumes? 

Why would TJ Maxx sell designers at a lower price ? Is it even real or is it fake? The question has haunted many bloggers alike who have given their perspectives. The majority of people who have purchased items from TJ Maxx say they are authentic .

The question still remains , how do they manage with low pricing without running into losses? 

TJ Maxx keeps an inventory of most designer and boutique stores, when manufacturers over produce items , TJ Maxx negotiates to buy the surplus items at a lower range and sell the same. 

According to most shoppers , TJ Maxx sells authentic perfumes at a lower range and they would not want to lose face for a counterfeit product .

TJ Maxx also spends less on looking good as a store and that too is a strategy for saving money and earning their profits. 

However , there were several other claims which spoke of receiving fake bags , clothes and other products. There is one condition when it comes to buying perfumes though which is suspicious is that sample perfumes do not exist in that store. Many beauty bloggers have warned people to not buy makeup or perfumes from TJ Maxx . 

This is an endless ongoing debate whether or not they sell fakes , counterfeit items are taken as a serious criminal offense and it could lead to a hefty lawsuit .Although there are no big brands doing the same , considering they sell their products at a cheaper range .

As per research ( getting to the point) 

Most buyers at TJ Maxx have claimed authenticity when it comes to products pertaining to perfumes. A popular brand of perfume costs $ 59 dollars according to TJ Maxx’s website but the primary brand lists their price at $ 93.78 which is an obvious $ 34 dollar difference. 


TJ Maxx is a one stop store for people who love brands but their budget is slightly lower for buying the item from the actual brand retail store and for many it is a boon. Last minute shoppers swear by that store . 

Buying authentic perfumes is important because the fakes may contain some chemical or toxin in order to replicate the smell and that could cause a severe skin condition which is detrimental to the person’s physical health. Noted dermatologists have said that buying fake perfumes have caused the consumer skin inflammation, rashes and redness. 

It is still arguable whether or not TJ Maxx in reality sells fakes or has original items from the designers or brands themselves. Most accounts lead up to a yes , although with discrimination people can avoid falling in to traps and buy only those quality products that is bound to deliver in the longer run. The internet is playing an imperative role , since most individuals connect with one another and write reviews on those very products, reading them can save a person’s money and time. 

Risks can be taken at times , but not at the cost of someone’s life and perfumes have a direct contact with the skin . It is best to buy the same when the person is absolutely sure about its authenticity and spending slightly more is better than a round trip to the doctor’s office. 

Does Tj Maxx sell fake perfumes ?

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