Who Does Home Depot Use For Shipping?

Home Depot is one of the largest home retailers in the United States and has been providing shipping services for customers as well as delivering them.

Who Does Home Depot Use For Shipping?

You might be wondering who carries out the shipping and deliveries for Home Depot when it’s obvious they don’t own a dispatch company. Well, the rest of this article will answer your question.

Who Is Responsible For Home Depot’s Shipping?

Several courier services carry out shipping and home delivery for Home Depot. Some of which include UPS, FedEx, and Roadie. They partner with Depot to deliver over 20,000 items every single day.

Now let’s go deep into the mode of operation, like the methods of delivery, distribution centers, the time it takes to ship items, etc. Below is the detailed info.

What Are The Shipping Methods Home Depot Offers?

Home Depot provides quite a number of shipping options for their customers, some of which include:

  • Express: A day delivery.
  • Expedited: This method includes a second-day delivery that is, 2 days delivery processing time inclusive. Which is usually delivered by a small parcel carrier. 
  • Standard Shipping: This is the usual method by default and takes about 3-5 business days for shipping.
  • Standard Plus: between 2-3 days delivery
  • Cost Saver: This is an economical method of shipping for items not up to 1lb. It includes transport by a small parcel carrier before the final delivery by the United States postal service.
  • Curbside Delivery: Home Depot also provides an option for curbside delivery which enables their clients to place an order and choose a particular store for the pickup of their item. Curbside pickup is usually from 9 am to 6 pm every day. However, the receiver of the package must be at least 18 years old to sign for the delivery.
  • Room of your choice: This means delivery to a room of your choice. It includes the unpacking of a product. However, The method doesn’t offer an assembly service. There’s usually a 4-hours window when the item gets to your area. Just like the curbside delivery, the receiver must be at least 18 years of age to sign for the delivery. 

Aside from all of these options, Home Depot provides shipping appointments for certain items that may need to be inspected or unpacked like bulk delivery, professional delivery, etc.

The processing time depends on the kind of product you order, That is, processing time varies with several products. However, Your orders can be tracked and you’ll also know how long your package will take to be delivered to your address if you use the Home Depot pro-Xtra account. 

This brings us to the question:

How Long Does It Take For Home Depot To Ship an Item?

Once again, the time for shipping depends on the kind of product you order, not only that, it also depends on the shipping method selected.

For instance, expedited shipping takes 2 days plus more time for processing. 

Processing time is a major factor that affects the time for shipping, it is usually stated with the item information in your cart.

To increase the time for shipping and meet up with customers’ demand, Home Depot now has 3 new Distribution centers.

Does Home Depot Make Use Of Distribution Centers?

Home Depot has more than 90 distribution centers across America, Puerto Rico, and Canada for efficient deliveries and to also meet customers’ demands.

Ordered items and products are usually processed in the distribution centers to help couriers deliver Home Depot items to the right address or destination.

Can I Tip A Home Depot Delivery Worker?

Home Depot associates are not allowed to accept tips from customers. However, If the delivery is carried out by a third party, perhaps it is a delivery of more than one item, You may want to tip the worker.

FedEx and UPS deliveries are allowed to accept tips from clients, even though their employers might have told them to reject tips.

If you think a delivery worker has performed beyond your expectation and you are impressed, You can decide to tip him/her off.

Roadie proffers an option for tipping deliverers as there is always a minimum tip tag for some deliveries. That is, Roadies proffers a minimum tip, whether you choose to tip or not is left to you.


Home Depot uses about 3 delivery services as stated in the article to carry out its shipping of which comes from the distribution centers all around the country.

Some of their delivery partners are Roadies, UPS, and FedEx and professional workers who put the items together or assemble them.

With several shipping options, there are different ways to get your items delivered to you. 

The time for shipping depends on the availability and processing time of the item.

Who Does Home Depot Use For Shipping?

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