Zulily Return Policy 


Trends, fashion, designs and so much more are at the top. Constantly growing and developing, everyone wants to try novel ideas. Right from adults, children, and even toddlers, all want to dress and follow the trends. Companies are going beyond limits to meet the new criteria that define style and make a statement. Among these, it’s necessary to be able to adapt to the same. Customers and even employees must learn to manage and style their products to invite a larger response. This is done by updating the company and its policies. Brands and products make regular efforts to formulate these as per the requests and needs of customers. 


One of the important policies is the return policy of a store. Whether a fashion, grocery, home and decor, or any kind of store, a return policy is crucial. Many companies that are in the same line of work tend to have similar return policies. There are one or two aspects that differ to make the policy unique. These are formulated for the efficiency of customers and to maintain the trust and image of the company. Yes, a return policy influences these aspects too. This article has Zulily’s return policy lined up for your understanding. Find out details, terms, and conditions, and so on as you read. 

About Zulily 

If you’re looking for a general but ethereal store, Zulily is the place to visit. They have a good mix of products that suit every occasion and individual. Whether you need a gift or just some home products, they have it all. Although they don’t specifically focus on any products, they have a wide range of products to shop from. Men, women, moms, babies, and even your homes, there is a little something for everyone. If you’re looking for simple and quality family shopping, this store is one to consider. Also, find certain groceries at Zulily. 

Zulily return policy 

Zulily’s return policy is quite a simple one that is common to many stores. The basic process is to identify the products you wish to return, find out whether it’s returnable or not. The next step is to select the return option and submit the return request with the relevant details. You’ll receive the returning and shipping details. These must be printed for your reference and must be sent along with your box that is to be shipped.

Still, have doubts? Here is a step by step guide:

  • Go to the Zulily app to the ‘My Orders’ section 
  • Find the return option under that section if your item is returnable
  • Send in a return request by providing the required details 
  • Once you receive details for shipping, print the receipt of the same and attach it to your box to be shipped
  • Once the package is received, you will get your refund and store credit. 

The period given for returning items is 30 days. This means you have to send in your return request at least before 30 days to get a response in time. Also, note that Zulily charges a 4.95$ return fee for single products, and the amount changes depending on the number of products being returned. Another catch is that the refund is not given back in the original form of payment but via store credit into your Zulily account. Only if you purchase directly from the Zulily account will you receive a direct refund back to the same account. 

Terms and conditions 

The following conditions and exceptions are applied to the Zulily return policy:

  • Holiday items follow a different policy as per the season and date of return mentioned on the site. 
  • Intimates and swimwear will not be accepted 
  • Hygiene-related products cannot be returned
  • Makeup and food items are not returnable at Zulily
  • Heavy goods and furniture are also not returnable. 
  • Customized items cannot be accepted for returns 


While Zulily’s return policy is basic, it is also very formal and specific. They avoid unwanted returns. Their focus is on returns due to damage, wrong items, and so on. This is a reason why they have imposed a return fee on products. The idea is to avoid unnecessary returns and therefore, one must be careful while shopping to avoid the hassle. Of course, this applies not just to Zulily but all stores.


  • How long does it take to receive a refund from Zulily? 

Zulily takes around 5 to 10 working days to refund your amount via store credit. This period is counted once your return has been received and processed. Zulily refunds only in the form of store credit unless a Zulily card was used for the purchase. In such cases, the refund is sent to the Zulily account.

  • How do I use the store credit received from returns at Zulily?

Generally, Zulily keeps track of the store credit and all orders. Therefore, the store credit option will appear at the time of purchase or it may be automatically deducted while purchasing. 

Zulily Return Policy 

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