Does Bloomingdale Accept Affirm

Bloomingdale’s, Inc. was founded in 1861 by Joseph B. and Lyman G. Bloomingdale and is a department store chain. Beginning with such a small step, Bloomingdale’s now has 56 stores all across the United States of America. In 1994, Macy’s, which is a parent company of Bloomingdale, joined hands with the Federated Department Store, which was then named Macy’s Inc. in 2007. The headquarters of this is in New York, Manhattan. The major focus of this store is on clothing, jewelry, leather goods, furniture, etc., with a revenue of $1.072 billion. The store has taken a toll from the COVID as they have shut down many major Does Bloomingdale Accept Affirm from 2020, like the one in South Miami, Florida, and also in Santa Monica, California.

Does Bloomingdale Accept Affirm

Affirm Financing

BUY NOW PAY LATER is a new financing method for some discretionary purchases in America, specifically those made online. 39% of customers have used this payment method at least once. One of the fastest-growing companies in this field is AFFIRM (AFRM), which was established in 2012 by CEO Max Levchin, who also co-founded the company, which then became PayPal. It went public recently in January 2021 and now has a market cap of $13.9 billion.

Among the firm’s advantages are:

  • It is the market leader in the buy now, pay later option that it provides to customers.
  • Its mission is to give customers help to buy things on EMI so that they don’t get into any unmanageable debt.
  • And unlike other BNPL companies, it also gives you the facility to choose your payment option.
  • Your annual percentage rate for an AFFIRM loan payment can also be 0% or between 10% and 30%.

How Does Affirm Work

When a customer wants to buy something in installments, he is now given the option of paying in different installments, where he only has to give the downpayment for the product and then pay the rest of the amount in three, six, or twelve installments.

So basically, it’s just like a short loan for a short period. As a result, this payment option can be very beneficial because the customer can purchase their desired phone and pay for it in a short period. The service is not provided by the merchant who is selling the product, but by a third-party company that pays the merchant the full price on your behalf and then takes the money from you, which means that the third-party lender is affirmed.

Does Affirm Have A Minimum Purchase Price

Does Bloomingdale Accept Affirm not have a minimum price because the minimum price is determined by the merchant. However, on average, you can find it to be around $50.

Does Affirm have a maximum purchase price

The maximum price, as mentioned on the official website of Affirm, is $17,500, but the actual amount that you will be able to finance also depends on the merchant. The credit limit is also $17,500 on purchases, and your credit limit is determined based upon:

  • Your payment history with the firm
  • Credit History
  • For how long do you have an account with a firm?
  • You are applying for the interest rate that the merchant is offering you.

Payment Methods You Can Use In Bloomingdale

Does Bloomingdale Accept Affirm accepts all the normal payment methods including Credit cards, Debit cards, Paypal, Apple pay, and google pay. Has Started taking Klarna, which is also a buy now pay later option on its website. You just need to select Klarna when you buy something as a payment method. Your payment will be split into four installments over the next six weeks. The accepted cards are Mastercard, American Express, and Visa.

Affirm Is Confirmed To Be Risk-free.

This firm uses some of the most advanced technologies for saving and protecting the personal data of its customers by using enhanced security measures like encryption and conducting background checks on every employee.

Differences Between Affirm And Klarna

Most well-known for:

  • Affirm: For long-term purchases, it is best known as 6-36 monthly payments.
  • Klarna: It is known for short-term purposes, such as 30-day payments.

Interest Rates:

  • Affirm: Depending on your credit score, 0-30% interest.
  • Klarna: 0% for 30 day payments and 19% for six months of financing.


  • Affirm: There will be no late payment fees.
  • Klarna: For interest-free products, there are no late payment fees. But for monthly financing products, there is a $35 late payment fee.

Credit Check:

  • Affirm: Soft Check
  • Klarna: For interest-free products, a soft check is sufficient, but for monthly financing products, a hard check is required.

Retailer Count

  • Affirm: Over 3000 MERCHANTS
  • Klarna: Over 190,000 merchants in 17 countries.

So Which Is Best

Depending upon your purchase, you have to decide as both have their pros and cons, but people prefer to use Affirm for larger payments and Klarna for smaller ones.


So the bottom line is that Bloomingdale doesn’t accept Affirm, but they accept the Rival Company Klarna. All transactions are secured, and they have a proper encryption system to protect your payment and personal data. The name of the order and the account holder must be the same.

Does Bloomingdale Accept Affirm

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