Does Burlington Take The Apple Pay

Does Burlington Take The Apple Pay,which was formerly known as the Burlington coat factory is an American off-price chain of departmental stores with almost 740 stores in almost 40 states of the United States of America and Puerto Rico. It has its headquarters situated in a place on which the company has named itself, that is the Burlington township in New Jersey. It was acquired by Bain capital in 2007 and 2008, Tom Kingsbury became the CEO and president of the firm. Burlington is the 3rd largest off-price chain of stores in the United states after TJX companies and Ross stores.

Does Burlington Take The Apple Pay

Does Burlington Accept Apple Pay

The company as of now does not accept Apple pay as a form of payment for any purchase done within the store. One of the main reasons for this is that it has an exclusive partnership with the UPI giants PayPal. But reports suggest that shortly, Does Burlington Take The Apple Pay may start accepting apple pay as a form of payment. The other forms of payments that the company accepts other than PayPal are credit and debit cards, cash, and signed checks as well.

Various Modes of Payment accepted by Burlington

So, the company has ruled out the option of paying by Apple pay, which seems very strange, because the majority of the people in the United States and Canada own an Apple iPhone, and concerning that, 90% of those people have set up Apple pay in it. So it seems pretty absurd, why the company does not have the option of using apple pay as a mode of payment for the purchases.

Moving on, there are various other modes of payment that the company has to offer, other than Apple Pay. These modes of payment are as follows:-

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Checks
  • AMEX, Euro Mastercard/Visa

The company also allows some kinds of online payments to be made.So, these are the payment methods that the company has made available for its customers to make the payments for the purchases they make.

Products On Offer By The Company

The company offers a variety of products to its customers to choose from and purchase from. These products include menswear, ladieswear, activewear, baby furniture, coats, footwear, accessories, home décor, and gift items as well.The Burlington coat factory has various brands under its name on offer to its customers, these brands include:-

  • Apple bottoms
  • Miss sixty
  • Anne Klein
  • Baby phat
  • Larry Levine
  • Nine west
  • Esprit

These brands are on offer by the company.

Why Are Different Modes Of Payments Needed

Often, people tend to argue on why a company needs various modes of payments to be available by its side? The answer is simple. The customer wants choices, he wants these various modes of payment to be available with the company.

Another reason, why Does Burlington Take The Apple Pay have various payment methods, is because often all customers that come to the store or browse the products online may not have a credit or debit card with them, and cash transactions are declining day by day due to the security of online transactions, so since the majority of the customers keep their money stored on online payment mediums, it has become mandatory for the companies, not only Burlington but also all other companies in the business, who have a large number of customers to satisfy, to make available 8-9 different modes of payments available to the customers, for a seamless shopping experience and hassle-free payments for purchases to be done by the customer.


The company is a very recent establishment that knows how the customer thinks and operates. Although it has not started accepting apple pay as a form of payment for purchases due to its exclusive partnership with PayPal, due to the rising demand. Other than that the company also accepts debit and credit cards as forms of payment for purchases. The company looks forward to establishing a much wider customer base, and for that, it needs some amount of upgrades within the payment part of its organization, and for that, soon, in the coming future it will start accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment.Today Burlington has become one of the household names in the United states, and soon I think it will spread its ventures across the world.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Q1) How to locate a Burlington store nearby?

A) The store locator on the company’s official website and the app helps a customer to locate a store near his house or workplace.

Q2) What items or products does the company sell?

A) The company sells various products in its stores and online, like, coats, toys, shoes, handbags, and accessories, and even products related to beauty and fragrance like makeup and perfumes are sold.

Q3) Is it beneficial to be a Burlington employee or not?

A) According to the says of ex-employees, it is a great job to be a Burlington employee due to the amount of respect and value the company gives to its employees, along with fair remunerations and ample work benefits as well.

Q4) How does the Burlington return policy work?

A) The return policy of the company is similar to that of any other corporate or retail company in the world. A 30-day return window after purchase, but with the condition that the customer has the original receipt along with all tags and labels of the product being intact. If such is not the case, then no return will be allowed to the customer. 

Does Burlington Take The Apple Pay

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