Does Ross Give Senior Discount

Ross Inc. which operates under the brand name, Ross dress for less, is an American chain of discounted departmental stores, with its headquarters in Dublin, California. It is the largest off-price retailer in the United States.Does Ross Give Senior Discounts operates almost 1500 stores worldwide, covering the United States, Guam, and the district of Columbia. But the company is yet to make its official entry into New England, New York, and the Midwest. The company opened its first official outlet in San Bruno, California in 1950. The founder of the firm was Morris ‘Morrie’ Ross.

Does Ross Give Senior Discounts

The company does offer a senior discount to shoppers who are aged fifty-five and above. Every Tuesday the company offers ten percent off to its shoppers who are aged 55 and above. But this discount is only offered when these shoppers sign up for the Everyday Tuesday club. This discount is provided on the overall purchase made by the customer. Meaning the discount is provided on the total amount. And not only Ross, many goodwill stores, and companies tend to offer a certain percentage of discount to their customers on several days of the week.

Products and Services Offered By Ross

Does Ross Give Senior Discounts sells a variety of products under its name like beddings, toys, beauty products, ornaments and jewelry, furniture, clothing, and housewares as well. The name ‘dress for less’ is due to the variety of clothing the company sells for the customer and his entire family. The company’s majority stock is from lower-end departmental stores, which in turn is sold ahead to the customer under the Ross name.

Need For Senior Citizen Discounts

Many Gurus often debate as to why senior citizens get discounts and concessions at various stores and platforms. The answer is simple, ‘AGE’. Senior citizens as the word suggests are old people, who cannot do many things completely on their own. They need some help from youngsters and other people to get the work done, so therefore these people are offered discounts and concessions at stores and other services.

Another aspect is that, concerning seniority, various companies and stores offer such discounts and concessions to them and since almost 10-12% of the customers of a company are senior citizens, it also becomes mandatory for the company to give such discounts to them as they have remained loyal to the firm and have provided a lot of business to it as well. Therefore to retain this customer group of these senior citizens.Does Ross Give Senior Discounts, offer discounts and concessions to them.

Way Of Operations For Ross

Ross, being a retail company generates business like any other retail company does, by the sale of the goods and commodities in its stores.The procedure is simple, the customer comes to the store, chooses the products he needs, gets them billed at the checkout counter, pays the necessary amount for it, and then takes them home. This way the company earns its revenue from millions of customers across the globe.The online mode of shopping is slightly different from that of in-store shopping. 

In online shopping the procedure is:

1) The customer visits the official website of the company

2) He logs into his customer account with his registered email ID and password

3) He then selects the various products he needs and adds them to the cart.

4) After he gets everything he needs, he goes to the cart and applies coupon codes or discounts (if any).

5) After all the discounts are applied, s/he pays the subtotal of the cart value by any online mode of payment, like credit or debit card or UPI.

6) Then, for delivery, s/he has two options,

  •  One is that he can get his shipment home delivered by the company.
  •  The second is that he can go to a store nearby and pick up his order from there as well.

This procedure is the usual procedure for online shopping but is subject to changes. The customer can even pay for his/her shipment via cash when his shipment arrives at his doorstep. This is known as Cash On Delivery(COD) for the shipment. The money is paid to the delivery executive in it.

Often the shipment which has a higher cart value, according to the company’s monetary policy, is delivered free of cost to the customer. But if the prescribed cart value is below the company’s monetary policy, then a small amount is charged to the customer for home delivery, which is known as handling or shipping fees in company terms.


Ross Dress for Less is such a company that it highly values its customers and always looks forward to providing quality products to them. The discount offered by it to senior citizens is one of its qualities which shows its value towards its customers. Apart from this, the company also keeps providing seasonal discounts and everyday offers to its regular customers everyday all day.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Q1) How well does Ross treat its employees?

A) According to ex-employees and current employees working at Ross, the company does treat them highly well and values them to a great extent. But the only problem as reported by these employees is that the remunerations provided to them are slightly lower than expected plus they don’t receive a salary hike frequently when working within the company.

Q2) How does Ross’s return policy work?

A) The company’s return policy works like any other retail outlet’s return policy. The company provides a 30-day window for returns and exchanges, but the customer should have the original receipt with them. If the customer has the original receipt and comes within 30 days, then the money is refunded in the original payment method by which the customer made the payment for the actual purchase.

But, if the customer comes after 30 days but still bears the receipt then the money is refunded as store credit which can be used in his next purchase for the customer.

Does Ross Give Senior Discount

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