Costco Offer a Senior Discount on Memberships?

Here we will see about the Costco Offer a Senior Discount on Memberships?

You have been a valued member of society for a long time. You’ve worked, raised children, and invested your hard-earned money. You’ve been through the daily grind, and come out the other side a survivor. It only makes sense that you should be rewarded for enduring all that life has thrown at you, right? 

Costco Offer a Senior Discount on Memberships?

All things considered, senior discounts are the least we can do. You’ve certainly earned them. But do the big warehouse players like Costco recognize this? The answer isn’t so simple.

You’re likely familiar with the fact that Costco offers many perks and savings, but you can’t just saunter in off the street and peruse the warehouse aisles at your fancy; you need to be a member. 

And memberships are available to anyone who wants one, but at a fixed price across the board.

While many organizations recognize the financial strain retirement puts on our senior population, Costco takes a different approach. They boast that the savings available at their store surpass the need for a discount on a membership. Add to that the rebate coupons, and there are more savings to be had. But how does this all benefit seniors? Let’s take a look.

The benefits of a Costco membership to senior citizens

1. Buying bulk means fewer trips to the store.

Having to run out constantly for supplies can be stressful and cause a physical strain, especially to someone who is not easily mobile.

2. Ensures that you are all stocked up at home.

It’s no secret that Costco packages their products in bulk. That’s part of their draw. For someone who doesn’t consume that much or who is living alone, you’re almost always guaranteed to have more of what you need at hand, and when you need it. In fact, you may only need to do a large shop a handful of times a year. 

3. There is less need for going to the store.

Activities such as light exercise and time outdoors is advised for optimal health in your senior years. Fewer trips to the store mean more time and energy focused on health-centered mobility.

4. They have everything.

Costco really has whatever you need. With so many departments in one convenient space, you can satisfy your needs for groceries, household products, furniture, electronics, clothing, and holiday gifts, all in one place. 

5. The cash back reward system.

With their highest membership tier, Costco sends out an annual rebate coupon. This can very easily cover the cost difference of the larger membership (or more), while letting you enjoy the additional perks. This, coupled with the savings they already offer, could easily justify the cost of the entire membership.

6. The savings.

Of course! This is the whole point of having a membership. But how do those savings measure up at a regular store? Let’s take toilet paper, arguably the hottest commodity of 2020, as an example.

The brand Cottonelle at Costco is $27.99 for 36 rolls, which works out to be $0.78 per roll

. The same bath tissue at CVS is priced at $16.49 for 9 rolls . That comes to $1.83 per roll, over twice as much as what you would pay at Costco. 

These kinds of discounts can be found throughout the store on a number of different essential products. Given that Costco generally carries high quality food and merchandise, these are significant savings.

But is Costco your only option?

No. In fact Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club are the two other big players in the warehouse field. Just like Costco they don’t offer any exclusive financial reward for those enjoying their retirement years on a budget. 

Their memberships are also comparable to Costco’s, with the biggest difference being price. Here is a breakdown of all the personal membership fees as of January 2021 and their benefits, starting with the least expensive.

Sam’s Club 

Club Membership: $45

What you get:

  • A Sam’s Club MasterCard that boasts 1% cash back on purchases, 5% on gas, and 3% on dining. This is only offered on the highest memberships of the other two stores.
  • An extra card for another member of your household.
  • Access to additional services.
  • Add-on members are $40.

Plus Membership: $100

What you get in addition to the Club membership:

  • 3% cash back on purchases to be used at the warehouse, as well as the 5% on gas and 3% on dining enjoyed by Club members.
  • 2% cash rewards on certain purchases.
  • Free shipping and curbside pickup.
  • Discounts on optical and pharmacy products.

BJ’s Wholesale Club 

Inner Circle Membership: $55

What you get:

  • An extra card for someone in your household.
  • Add other members for only $30 each. 
  • Receive the member coupons that BJ’s is famous for.

Perks Rewards Membership: $110

What you get in addition to basic Inner Circle membership:

  • Earn 2% cash back on your annual purchases to be used in store. 4-6% cash back during special events.
  • Travel benefits.


Gold Star Membership: $60

What you get:

  • Two cards per membership. 
  • Access to Costco products in-store and online.
  • Use of all services, including fuel, vision center, and tire centers.

Executive Membership: $120

What you get in addition to Gold Star benefits:

  • Annual coupon valued at 2% of what you spent over the year to be used exclusively at Costco. 
  • Discounts on various services such as product installation and insurance for yourself and your family, pets included.
  • Monthly delivery of Costco Connection magazine.

From a financial standpoint Sam’s Club is the clear winner. You get more bang for your buck, as they say. But accessibility is key, and the best option is usually the easiest for you to get to. 

The Final Takeaway

It’s safe to assume that the benefits afforded by these warehouse stores outweigh the fact that they don’t offer a senior’s discount. Even with the price of a membership, these stores may in fact end up costing seniors less. With all of the contributions that you have made to our society, this may not even come close to what is deserved. But it’s a start.

Costco Offer a Senior Discount on Memberships?

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