tire warrenty

Kal Tire Warranty- Kal Tire Customer Care Plan

 Kal Tire is a company that deals in the retail sale of tires for light trucks and passenger vehicles, commercial truck tires, mechanical services, mining, off-road services, and sales of retreading. Thomas J. Foord and Jim Lochhead founded the tire company in 1953, and it has about 250 retail and commercial stores, 4 distribution warehouses, 49 […]

Pirelli Tire Warranty- Specifications Of the Warranty

Pirelli is a multinational tire manufacturer headquartered in Milan, Italy. Stores can be found across Europe, Latin America, North America, and other former Soviet republics. It has 19 production facilities spread over 13 countries. It has roughly 14000 distributors in its network. ChemChina expressed interest in managing the company in 2015 and pledged to keep […]

More about Americas Tire Warranty

Products with a good warranty sell more than products without a warranty. Customers are attracted to such products, and it builds trust between the dealers and their customers. One of the best ways that give product marketing power is the warranty associated with the product. A warranty is an agreement or term of a business […]

Road vantage tire warranty- About road vantage 

Here we will see about the Road vantage tire warranty Introduction When purchasing any product or service, we look for all the benefits we can. Right from discounts and offers to after-services if any, we constantly scout for the best and most productive item of the category. Companies have understood the smart way in which […]

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