Walmart Bereavement Policy- What is it?

Walmart Bereavement Policy


Walmart is a multinational retail corporation store based in America. It is responsible for operating a large number of stores such as grocery stores in the United States, hypermarkets, supercentres, and many more. Here, let’s know about Walmart Bereavement Policy.

The headquarters of Walmart is in Bentonville, Arkansas. It was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton. It has a big list of all types of items such as pet supplies, toys, sporting goods, health and beauty aids, automotive products, lawn and garden supplies, home furnishings, and housewares. The company hires many people from around the world for various activities. These employees are provided with many perks and benefits regarding salary, holidays, leave, etc.


Bereavement refers to that state in the person’s life where he has recently lost the life of any of his loved ones or a relative or a close friend. Bereavement leave is a type of leave provided by the company or the firm when any of their employees has lost the life of a loved one. Bereavement leave is also called compassionate leave. In general, it comes under the category of a paid time-out. This is because most of the companies believe that the paid time off for the situation of bereavement gives their employees time to grief and take part in the religious rituals and the funeral.


The Walmart Company has provided its customers with many perks and benefits. The company provides its employees with an employee benefit program that includes various types of health care programs, paid holidays, life insurance of the permanent employees and other workers, plans for inevitable accidents, sick leave, pay, and many more.

A large part of their employee’s benefits program deals with bereavement leave and policies. The Bereavement policy of the company establishes uniform guidelines for all their employees in case of the death of any employee’s close relative or friend. The Bereavement leave is available to all the employees working in the company. Generally, the company has defined this type of leave as inevitable or emergency leave.


The company is well known to have supported its employees in times of personal crisis and loss. The company refers to its employees and the team of other workers as their family. The company provides a paid bereavement leave to all their employees. This leave is given in the loss of close family members and friends. There is a fixed number of days for bereavement. In many considerable situations, the employees can also extend the leave to perform funerals and can rejoin the firm when they are ready to work. The company’s policy is made while focusing on their employees.


The Bereavement policy of the company has defined the close family members as the worker’s spouse, legal guardian, domestic partner, mother or father, sister, brother, son or daughter, maternal as well paternal grandparents, maternal as well as paternal uncles and aunts, nephews and niece and also their close friends.


In general, the company offers a three-day paid leave to their employees if the family member or the friend of the employee died. Although, in some special cases this bereavement leave can be extended to around seven days according to their policy. Moreover, this is done mostly in case of death of spouse, foster parent, blood child or the adopted child or the legal guardians. The number of days that are fixed for the bereavement of any family member or close friend is three, however, in some special cases it is easily extended for up to one week.


Any employee who has taken bereavement leave due to any reason is paid a regular salary. There is not any difference in the amount of salary paid to the employee during three days of bereavement leave. If the workers want to extend this leave for a longer period of days, it will be treated as normal leave and the salaries will be paid accordingly.


Walmart is a multinational company that is operated through various operating centers around the world. It provides a wide range of goods and services to its customers. It hires thousands of employees for the smooth functioning of the company, these employees have many benefits. One of the benefits is that of bereavement leave.

The employees and other people working in the company are entitled to take around three days of bereavement leave as per the policy framed by the company. Moreover, a person can take this leave when the employee or their close one has gone through miscarriage or stillbirth. The company understands the need of their employees during personal losses, that’s why the policies that are reframed by them are customer friendly.

Walmart Bereavement Policy- What is it?

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