Does AWS Accept Prepaid Cards For Payment?

Here we will see about the Does AWS Accept Prepaid Cards For Payment?

Amazon Web Services, commonly referred to as AWS, is an auxiliary of Amazon offering on-demand cloud computing programs to various clients. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, AWS was launched in 2002 by Jeff Bezos. 

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Does AWS Accept Prepaid Cards For Payment?

 Preferred means of payment by the e-commerce platforms

Before the introduction of the complex payment options offered in today’s world by multinationals like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express amongst others, the medium of transactions was the barter system, thereafter, the world evolved into the usage of metals like gold and copper coins. There followed the introduction of the notes, with the notes used as medium of exchange one was only able to buy a commodity within their economic jurisdiction 

Needless to say, the modern advancement in tech has, however, revolutionized close to everything, this doesn’t exclude the different means of payments across the globe. With companies such as PayPal and Visa offering global means of exchanging money. Companies like American Express and Visa have even evolved and provide the banking institutions with services of facilitating customers’ credit and debit cards. With either a debit or credit card an individual can shop and pay for the products more efficiently by a single scan. 

Twenty first century means of payments 

As mentioned earlier in this article, the ever-changing technological trends and Internet of things has brought with it a huge change in the world of e-commerce. The e-commerce being like a global village accommodating every single individual shopping there in it. With such globalization comes the need of an integrated means of transaction, this has led to the successfulness in the operations and establishment of giant companies including, visa, American Express, and others. 

It is estimated that nearly all the online e-commerce platforms use either the visas, PayPal, Google pay system, or apple pay as their payment methods. Some platforms even include all the above-mentioned methods of payments in their system. 

Both the Visa, Mastercard, and American Express companies provide both prepaid card, credits and debit cards options for their clients, this has further allowed individuals to carry out both their online and physical transactions with a lot of ease, furthermore, these credit companies through their credit cards, an individual can pay for all his/her utilities and purchases minus having real money to spend. However, by the end of a given period of time the company deducts the accumulated amounts after the card has been loaded with cash. Additionally, the prepaid cards which sometimes provide multi-currency options enable payments after the card itself has been loaded with money prior to payment, this card does not allow a person to pay on credit or when they have a low amount of money in them.

A new dawn for the tech companies and a huge shock to the credit companies?   

It is not surprising that towards the start of the year 2015, the majority of these leading companies embarked on establishing their own means of payments, for instance the mega telecommunication giant Apple introduced Apple pay, Alibaba introduced Alipay and Amazon brought on board the Amazon pay. These payment systems have provided a much faster and secure way of paying for items and checking out. Additionally, amazon has enabled their amazon pay system across all their subsidiary companies including the amazon web services. However, millions of people across the world still opt for the Visa and Mastercard prepaid, debit, and credit cards as the most popular means of payment across the online e-commerce platforms.  

What major companies does AWS accept payments from?

  1. Popular credit and debit with the Indian and European account address owners granted the choice of either using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards.
  2. Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct debit payment for United States qualified clients.
  3. Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) offered to qualified European clients.

In addition to the above payment options, AWS offers innumerable means of payment for their products.

Does AWS accept prepaid cards for payment?

Yes. AWS accepts prepaid cards as one of their payment options. Additionally, in a growing world where tech has become more sophisticated than ever, amazon is one of the tech giants that accepts a variety of payment options for any of their purchases. AWS accepts prepaid cards whether it is a prepaid Visa card, prepaid Mastercard, and prepaid American Express cards. Apart from the aforementioned credit companies, AWS does not accept payments from Discover prepaid cards.

Other means of payment in AWS include the use of the apple pay services provided by the telecommunication and tech giant Apple. In addition to Apple pay, one can also use Amazon pay as a means of payment.

Conclusively, AWS offers numerous payment options for their services because having clients based in different parts of the world, there exist different payment options, therefore in order to accommodate all these, AWS accepts nearly all the popular payment methods used around the world.  

Does AWS Accept Prepaid Cards For Payment?

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