Does Lowes Cut Countertops?- Know More

Lowes is an American retail company that specializes in home improvement. If you want to renovate your kitchen, Lowes sells varieties of countertops and standard sizes to suit your needs. You can get your granite, marble, block, and other kinds of countertops at Lowes. Also, if you need a specialized, customized countertop made for your kitchen, Lowes provides cutting services. See Does Lowes Cut Countertops?

Does Lowes Cut Countertops?

Yes, Lowes can cut your countertops to suit the size and requirements of your kitchen. However, there are certain conditions for that to happen. Lowes does not just cut any kind of countertop.

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Does Lowes Cut Countertops? 

The short answer to this is yes. Lowes can cut your countertop to meet your size and design requirements. However, Lowes does not just cut any type of countertop. If you want your countertop cut by Lowes, then you must patronize the Lowes store. Yes, Lowes only cut countertops as part of their in-house service for customers. If you buy your countertop from another home improvement retailer, Lowes won’t cut it for you. 

As already mentioned, Lowes sells countertops of various designs (laminate, marble, and granite) at standard size. However, if you want to cut the countertops to your kitchen size and to suit your design requirement, Lowes provides specialized service by employing licensed third-party contractors to fulfill your order. Additionally, if you are a DIY enthusiast or would like to cut your countertop yourself at home, Lowes also sells professional circular saws or blades.

How Much Can You Cut Countertops At Lowes?

The cost of cutting countertops at Lowes differs according to specific variables. For you to get a definite cost, you would need to visit the Lowes website and use the online quote system. 

For you to get a price quote from Lowes online quote system, you need to first browse and select your choice of countertop on the website. You should note that the price of the countertop is a significant determinant of the total cost of your purchase. Choosing a cheaper option will reduce the overall cost quote, while a more expensive option will result in a larger bill.

After choosing your countertop, you will then proceed to enter the measurements of the countertop you want. Note that these measurements will inform the Lowes employee of your intention to cut the countertop to a specific size. 

Then finally, Lowes will review your quote according to your selection choice, customization picks, and your other choices. Lowes will then schedule an appointment with you where they will measure your countertop, and you might be asked to pay a deposit. 

The average cost of cutting countertops at Lowes vary, but customers put the price range between $50 to $200.

Cutting and Installing Countertops At Lowes

When you contract Lowes to cut and install kitchen countertops, Lowes typically contracts the job to a licensed third party. While Lowes employees take care of the delivery, installation, and other specialized aspects of the job are done by licensed and experienced third-party contractors.

Lowes also offers the following services for easy and seamless installation:

1. Delivery and installation

2. Polished cutouts

3. Faucet hole cutouts

4. Professionally done edging

Lowes performs several other services, including paid consultancy and occasional designing for countertops. If you have questions about a specific service, you need just walk into a Lowes store and ask the attendants.

Does Lowes Sell The Tools For Cutting Countertops?

It has already been mentioned that Lowes can help you cut your countertops to fit your required size, although they do this through a licensed third-party contractor. Lowes also sells professional tools that you can use to cut your countertop at home.

This particular service suits DIY enthusiasts who are eager to try their hands on a new project. If you plan to cut your countertop by yourself, you should also consult Lowe’s installation guide for proper alignment and installation.


Lowes only provide countertop cutting services for people who bought their countertop from Lowes. Delivery and installation by an experienced and licensed contractor are also available to Lowes customers. If you intend to have Lowe cut and install your countertop for you, you should first contact installation services before moving on with your project. Lowes also sells cutting tools for those who would like to cut their countertops on their own.


1. Does Lowes Cut countertops?

Answer: Yes, Lowes provides countertop cutting services which are carried out by licensed third-party contractors.

2. How much does installation cost at Lowes?

Answer: The cost for installation varies according to your countertop pick and customization choices. You should, however, budget a minimum of over $1,000.

3. Does Lowes install countertops?

Answer: Yes, Lowes facilitates countertop installation by putting you in touch with licensed third-party contractors.

4. Can you rent countertop cutting tools at Lowes?

Answer: No. However, these tools are available for sale at Lowes stores.

5. Will Lowes cut the butcher block countertop?

Answer: No, Lowes does not cut butcher block countertops. Lowes cut all countertops, except the butcher block.

Does Lowes Cut Countertops?- Know More

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