When Does Lowe’s Have Sales?

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales?

Having your ideal home become a reality is a dream come true. Every small aspect starting with lights, tools, and furniture, plays a major role in turning a plain space into a masterpiece. There is nothing better than getting great deals and offers on necessities that turn a room into a home. When Does Lowe’s Have Sales?


Lowe’s is an American retail company that focuses on home improvement. They sell items like lights, tools and furniture, and other products to style and personalize your space. It is the second-largest retail store in America after Home Depot. Founded in 1921, it also operates in Canada and has almost 2,197 home development and hardware stores in North America alone.

Along with the availability of your favorite products, Lowe’s gives special discounts on products on sales days which happens often. You can grab your favorite products at a really low cost during the sales period.

Daily Deals at Lowe’s

One of the biggest attractions of Lowe’s is its daily deals that occur every day. Each day, a set of chosen products are put for sale at Lowe’s with a great discount ranging from 10 to 25 percent. You can check the discounted products through their official site.

Lowe’s Holiday Sale

Lowe’s has a major sales discount on common holidays. If you are looking for an opportunity to grab your favorite item at low costs, then make sure to check the stores at holidays like President’s Day, The Fourth of July, Father’s Day, etc.

Lowe’s Seasonal Sale

Seasonal sales at Lowe’s happen during March and September, where you can get five bags of mulch for just 10 dollars. September and October, however, are the best time to visit Lowe’s as during this time they offer huge discounts on most major appliances of your needs. During April and May seasonal sales, you get offers on refrigerators.

Lowe’s Flooring Sale

The flooring sale at Lowe’s happens between the period of Halloween and Christmas. During the flooring sale, almost every flooring item is sold at a discounted price. High-quality vinyl and laminate flooring items can go on sale constantly during this period. However, natural stones and hardwood products do not receive major discounts due to the normal expense of the item.

End of the Month Hidden Clearance Time at Lowe’s

If you are waiting for the biggest offers and best discounts on products, then the end-of-the-month clearance sale is for you. Every Lowe’s store has a sales target they must meet by the end of the month, so most of the biggest sales at huge discounts occur during this time.

Other Methods to Save Money at Lowe’s

Everyone looks forward to Lowe’s sales time. It happens often and allows you to get great deals on products at a much lower price, but apart from sales time, you can also save money on Lowe’s products through methods like Lowe’s credit card, clearance price on closeouts; scratched products, etc. Using a Lowe’s credit card, you can purchase items with a 5% discount. Lowe’s offers different credit cards for both personal and business use. You can purchase a Lowe’s credit card by applying for it online.

Another great way to get yourself some deals on products is to buy items in bulk. If you are looking to remodel your house or workspace, items ordered in bulk can get you a fair discount on the selected items.

How to Buy Products from Lowe’s?

While Lowe’s is known for its in-store experience, you can also choose to order online through their official website Lowe’s.com. All orders made online can be tracked through this same site. If you prefer picking up your order from the store, Lowe’s also offers methods where you can order online and pick up your product from the appointed store at a given slot. You can also use the Lowe’s app to make orders, track, and pick up your desired product.

Departments at Lowe’s

The main idea of Lowe’s is to personalize living spaces with the right accessories. You can make it modern, medieval, and no matter what your taste in décor is, Lowe’s has the perfect products to satisfy your needs. You can shop for your home, business, depending upon your needs. Lowe’s has various departments, all with specific products to match that particular space. Starting from accessible home sections to windows and doors, Lowe’s has all types of products that match the needs of the customer. 


Lowe’s offers quality products and reasonable prices for people looking to build or renovate personal or business space. Sales days at Lowe’s are famous for their great discounts and frequent timings. If you are looking for a great way to save some budget while remodeling your house, then sales days are a golden opportunity for you. You can keep an eye on the days when Lowe’s offers a discount, especially on the end-of-month clearance sale, to grab some hot deals to create your dream and ideal space.

When Does Lowe’s Have Sales?

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