Do USPS trucks have cameras? 


USPS mail trucks can be seen very easily because of their box-like shape. They are generally seen on the roads to deliver packages to different people. These trucks do not look ordinary. They are unlike usual vehicles in size, color, and shape. These trucks require high security because they contain packages that can be valuable sometimes. Do USPS trucks have cameras for security? What is the reason behind these trucks being unusual in shape and size? Keep reading the article to know more.

Do USPS trucks have cameras? 

Yes, USPS trucks have cameras. It has two cameras inside the vehicle for security purposes. The cameras are fitted in the USPS mail truck to see that things are going well enough.  The cameras cover 360-degree views. This is to assure that the courier’s every activity is decent. 

What truck does USPS use for delivery? 

The truck used by USPS for the delivery of various packages is the old school Grumman LLV ( Long Life Vehicle) from the 1980s. This truck was made for mail delivery by the US Postal Service in the 1980s. This model of the vehicle can be used for a very long period. USPS mail trucks will surely be older than 10 to 15 years presently. 

This mail truck is related to KurbWatt, known as Kubvans. As we all know, this truck is designed for the delivery of mail packages and letters. So, the manufacturers concentrated the most on the serviceability of the truck for the desired use as a Mail truck. 

Features of USPS Truck

The US post office vehicle is known as a long life vehicle. It is built on a Chevy S10 chassis constructed by Chevrolet entirely. The mail truck of USPS has the old school sliding doors in it. These trucks are generally from the early 80s when they started manufacturing. If you look at the back where the main trunk is present, this is the exact place where all the mail and packages are kept. The USPS truck has seven mirrors.

One mirror is placed in the back, and six mirrors are placed on the front side. A tray on which a few letters and parcels are kept is beside the driver’s seat. These vehicles are old, but they work properly because of their durability. These vehicles are designed to be used for a long period. The truck also has a fan in front of the driver’s seat. It also has a cargo light in the trunk arena where the mail and packages are kept. 

The best thing about the USPS Trucks

The design and features of the USA mail truck is unusual and different from other vehicles. It has a boxy shape and arrow tire spaces. There are specific reasons behind this design and the features of the USPS mail truck. The special and unique features of the USPS mail trucks facilitate and give ease to the delivery procedure of packages, mails, and letters. The best things about features of USPS trucks are mentioned below:- 

•    Seven mirror views- as we all are familiar with the fact that USPS mail trucks are designed to deliver mail, letters, and packages to the desired address. Through the entire route to an address, there might be many destructions such as other vehicles, children, stray animals, and much more. The multiple mirrors are attached to the vehicle for a better view of distractions while delivering the parcels.

•    Narrow wheel spaces- you must have noticed that the USPS trucks have narrow spaces around the wheel. These are because the delivery truck drives through various routes and streets which desire a greater radius to take a turn. These narrow wheel spacers help in wide turns. 

•    Inbuilt cameras- there are two cameras inside the vehicle. One is placed in the driver’s compartment and the other one is placed in the packaging area where the parcels are kept. These cameras provide a wide view of 360 degrees and ensure that the work of a courier is going well enough. 

Future of USPS Trucks

The USPS postal service has decided to establish many more improvements in the USPS mail truck. Some of the things that the future USPS mail trucks will associate with are mentioned below:- 

•    Low fuel usage 

•    Better Air conditioning

•    Automatic front and rear braking

•    Backup camera

•    Airbags

•    Automatic electronic parking brake

•    Forward collision warning 

•    Front and rear bumper sensors 

•    Weatherproofed 


In conclusion, the Trucks of USPS mail service has cameras for better security of the packages of individuals. 


1.    What do USPS trucks run on?

The USPS trucks run on an internal combustion engine or electric battery. 

2.    Do USPS mail trucks have AC?

Not all of them, Most of the USPS mail trucks are non-air-conditioned, only a few of them have AC.

3.    How fast can a USPS truck go?

A USPS truck can reach a speed of 75 mph.

Do USPS trucks have cameras? 

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