Why your USPS Mail forwarding is not working?

What is your experience with mail forwarding? If you find junk mail when forwarding the mails, what is the problem? Mail forwarding can be frustrating if you don’t understand why it doesn’t send. Knowing the solutions and the eligibility criteria is the only way out of this frustration. This article explains ‘Why your USPS Mail forwarding is not working?’.

Why your USPS Mail forwarding is not working?

Reasons Why the USPS Mail Forwarding is Not Working

  • Grammar Errors in the Mail

Always proofread your mail to ensure that the information you enter is correct. For instance, USPS won’t send your mails if one misspells their address. 

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  • Vacation Replacement

The post office staff might have taken a sabbatical leave. However, this is very rare. Therefore, confirm if the other reasons don’t cause the failure before concluding.

  • The Mail Has Been Reversed

Mail reversal is familiar with online shopping. It is when the company, the postal office, or the employee sends the customer’s package to their former address. Individuals should have insurance cover for online shopping because they won’t recover their package otherwise.

  • The items are among the list of exclusion

 Mails the Postal Office Excludes from Mail Forwarding

It is essential to prevent junk mails or know which mails are eligible to be forwarded. Therefore, a customer should avoid wasting time sending junk mail.

Mails that qualify to be forwarded include express, priority, and first-class mails. The service is for a maximum of one year.

The US postal office only forwards class. It, therefore, excludes other mails such as bulk mails, junk mails, and presorted standard mails.  

A 60-day timeframe period for mails that are second class. After the period lapses, the postal office doesn’t forward a customer’s mail. Magazines are also not forwarded after 60 days.

Mails labelled with charge service. These mails are neither forwarded nor returned. The post office discards them. Then the postal office notifies individuals of the adjusted address.

If one’s mail is labelled with a “return service request” or “Do Not Forward,” USPS will not forward an email regardless of its class. The postal office returns the email to the sender. Such mails include those containing an individual’s bank statements, taxes, and bills. The companies usually want to verify their address.

Solutions to a failed Mail Forwarding

  • Don’t Use Mail Forwarding

One can prevent lost mails by notifying their correspondents of a new address. That way, the sender doesn’t have forwarding.

  • Use paperless billing and autopay

It is more dependable than snail mail.

  • Scan your mail

The service is ideal if individuals constantly travel and only want to update their address with the mailbox service. The company one contracts scan their parcels and labels. It then uploads the mails. Individuals can then choose from three options:

  • If they want the mail or parcel forwarded to them.
  • If they’re going to shred the mail.
  • Or if they’re going to open and scan the paper mail contents.
  • Investigate

Individuals can investigate their missing mails by contacting a US postal inspector. However, they are not reliable with feedback. They seem receptive to one’s plight at times but fail to take action over time. 

But if a customer would like to contact their offices, call 1-877-876-2455. Choose the third option on mail theft, even if this is not the case. Individuals should avoid selecting the first option because the office will refer them to a number that doesn’t conduct investigations. 

  • Have a Private Mail Box

It is an excellent option if individuals are regular travellers. Travelling may result in their USPS being mistaken for vacation mail stops. Individuals don’t have to update their addresses with this option.

However, the option is only ideal for local travel. 

  • Have a Digital Mailbox

It helps one be in total control of their mails. It enables individuals to monitor their mails, read them, save them, print them, and make the ultimate decision.

  • Have a Virtual Mail Box

One doesn’t have to be physically present to read their mails. Virtual mailboxes are excellent if one is often away from your home.

How to change your mail address?

It can either be in person or through an online application. 

Firstly, one can go to a local post office and request a form. Individuals will need to be patient with talking to the staff about making a queue. 

Then, individuals should accurately fill out the form and post it in their mail.

Secondly, one may fill out the form online. The US postal service website contains the movers’ guide section. Fill in the details appropriately.

Then. Customers should change their address by filling out the change of address form. They will then pay the $1 by entering the credit or debit card information. Alternatively, individuals may call the automated line and pay the $1. The dollar is for the postal office to countercheck the customers’ details and confirm their identity.

US Mail Forwarding Services

• Temporary Change of Address/Change of Address Order

It mainly forwards first-class mail and periodicals for a specific timeframe. It seldom forwards USPS’ package services or the marketing mail.

• Permanent Change of Address

It forwards first-class mail for one year and a maximum of 60 days for periodicals. 

• Premium Forwarding Service Residential Service

It ships mail through the priority mail. Though the pay is higher than other mailing services, its services are noteworthy. 

The bottom Line

Proofread your mail before sending it. This ensures that no grammatical errors hinder its sending. Also, individuals can choose other options other than mail forwarding. One can tell their respondents their new address, which prevents mail forwarding. But if one decides to use mail forwarding, one can investigate with the postal office on their missing mail by calling them at 1-877-876-2455.   

  • How does one Sign up for a virtual mailbox?

Hit the sign-up button. Then input the details it states and submit the info. 

Secondly, scroll to the dashboard to select your options, including discarding, recycling, and shredding your mail items.

Why your USPS Mail forwarding is not working?

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