Is Starbucks Ethical?-Let’s Find Out

Starbucks is a coffee giant and has roughly a half-million coffee shops in nearly fifty countries. They take pride in their “long-standing ties” with their supplier chain. However, when Starbucks was examined the labor, animal rights, environmental, and political procedures were somehow ethical.

Is Starbucks Ethical?

Starbucks has indeed been recognized as one of the Globe’s Best Ethical Brands for the 12th year in a row. The enterprise is assessed in numerous areas, including credibility, management, and creativity; ethical practices; administration; responsible business and obligation; and ethical culture.

Is Starbucks Ethical?

Starbucks is a well-recognized firm, according to business analysts, because of its dedication to social responsibility. Starbucks has achieved this reputation by its conduct in all aspects of its company, and its mission statement and values reflect this devotion. Starbucks is proud of its commitment to social responsibility and wants its consumers to know exactly how they can help.

Starbucks Ethical Standards

Starbucks has a company policy to keep up to ethical standards to maintain a friendly atmosphere while serving its customers.

  • Responsibility to give quality service.
  • This includes the policy which prohibits inequity on gender, race, ethnicity, age, or even cultural background.
  •  Also ensures to protect of customers’ health and safety
  •  Serve customers to make them feel welcomed.
  • Conductive working atmosphere.
  • The working atmosphere has the policy to respect each other’s dignity at work. 
  • Equal opportunity in its hiring and promotions.
  • Payment in accordance with law and regulation.
  • Emphasis on integrity and fairness in all dealings.
  • Sales process and commercials must compete on the grade of the product.
  • Services and communication with customers are built on accuracy and truth.
  • Partners are responsible for fairness and honesty in working with officials.

People at Starbucks

Starbucks dropped a few points in the ‘People’ category. The company operates in many countries. As these nations are on the Ethical Consumer’s list of repressive regimes, this influenced their ethical ranking. Overall, Starbucks’ supply chain management receives a medium Ethical Consumer grade. Discrimination, freedom of association, and forced labor were all addressed in the coffee chain’s social responsibility declaration.

Environment Friendly

Starbucks is very environment friendly they build more energy-efficient stores and facilities, and they conserve the energy and water they use. Starbucks is constantly pushing itself to reduce the environmental footprint of its business operations they are so economically friendly that they make every single one of their cups completely recyclable if there’s anything they value the most is its safety. Starbucks is subjected to providing all its workers with a safe and healthy environment including appropriate medical care, protective equipment, enforcement of proper equipment, and adequate lighting.            

The reason why Starbucks is environmentally friendly is that they consider the following and work on it strictly 

  • Reusable cups.
  • Greener storefronts. 
  • Water conservation.
  • Lowering their environmental footprint.

Animal Rights 

Going on the course of animal rights Starbucks seems to be lagging in providing the actual rights to them. Caged farms are up to 25 times more likely to be contaminated. Starbucks was discovered to be selling factory-farmed animal products that were most likely fed genetically modified feed. 

Some of the standards the company keeps up with include:

  • Use of breeds that have been shown to have greater welfare outcomes.
  • Reduce the maximum reproduction rate to give birds extra room. 
  • Enhance living standards for them such as trash, illumination, and nourishment.

Politics And the Company

Transparency must be maintained at all levels when running a massive business-like Starbucks. The company Starbucks received a low score in Ethical Consumer’s political assessment due to several issues, including 

  • Tax evasion  
  • High director compensation

However, no proof of worldwide reporting is located. Even though the ethical consumer received the lowest possible rating for the potential use of tax evasion tactics, the firm is docked a whole point under Anti-Social Financing.


 Starbucks is a well-recognized firm, according to business analysts, because of its dedication to social responsibility. Also, it is a firm that maintains the standards of its environment-friendly policies. It has the lowest ethical consumer grade as per the environmental reporting which suggests that it is not good for its consumption. Starbucks has been selling factory-farmed animal products that were not organic nor natural has increasing threats to animal rights. Starbucks has also received a very low score in terms of its political assessment which has further reduced its points.


  • Is Starbucks 100% ethically sourced?

The ethical sourcing verification program established in conjunction with Conservation International validated that 99 percent of Starbucks coffee was ethically sourced.

  • How does Starbucks maintain its moral fortitude?

Starbucks thinks that being ethically responsible in the business world and aspiring to deal with it in a rational way is critical to succeeding. Business Social responsibility. And ethical practice is a program that promotes and protects our working environment and integrity by delivering services to address participants in moral decision-making at workplace.

Is Starbucks Ethical?-Let’s Find Out

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