Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes?

Does Walmart make Wedding Cakes

What wedding is ever complete without a wedding cake? The answer is quite simple – nearly none. A wedding cake is more than just a sweet delicacy to be enjoyed after a good meal. A wide variety of desserts can get that job done, then why always a cake? Aside from the fact that 77% – 85% of guests prefer cake over other sweets, it shows a tradition that has bonded seamlessly with nuptial practices for decades and will still go on strong for decades hence. Read more Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes?

The truth is, the cake completes the wedding. Prosperity, Fertility and Good Luck is what the cake stands for. These ingredients are the perfect blend for the recipe of a long-lasting and truly happy marriage. The belief in it is what has made it stand the test of time. From beginning in ancient Rome to get a complete look makeover in early 18th century London, this multi-tiered cake has solidified its position as a staple of weddings. 

It is easy to understand how important this dessert is, so it must be easy getting one right for the wedding. Just walk into a bakery and order one, simple – isn’t it? Not quite. A wedding cake is no ordinary sweet, it marks one of the most memorable moments for a number of lives that are bound to change hereafter. As such, an item of such importance must have the intention of elegance imbued in it from preparation to selection. 

About Costco

Aside from the many merits, there is one thing that Costco is known prominently for, it is their devout commitment towards customer satisfaction. The wholesale chain of stores is known far and wide as the alpha and the omega of providing great quality assurance with massive savings. At this point everyone’s wondering the same thing – how does that matter here?

Costco Wholesale Corporation, commonly known as Costco, is a chain of warehouse clubs or wholesale clubs that presents members who pay the annual membership fees with highly discounted prices on bulk quantities of a variety of merchandise. Sure, this is something that has been used by a number of stores to attract customers, but what makes Costco stand apart is its willingness to go out of the way for earning and maintaining consumer satisfaction. The loyalty rewards, welcoming nature of employees, and consistent novelty in services offered have led them to retain and build upon a vast consumer base. 

Costco & Wedding Cakes – do they do it?

Getting a wedding cake right can be a pressuring task, it has to be as lavishly sumptuous as it is deliciously luscious while not being hostile to the budget in hand. There are bakeries that can get the job done right and there are those who can fall short in meeting expectations, it’s a gambit – unless it’s Costco. 

Starting 2021, Costco poured its determination and resources into boosting customer satisfaction by introducing custom cakes. This feature is available for only those customers who pay the annual Costco membership fee of 60 dollars. They deliver customized cakes starting from $19 dollars within 24 – 48 hours that include, but are not limited to wedding cakes, birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, retirement cakes, graduation cakes, and many more

It is a quality-for-value offer that packs design from presented templates, additional personalization, and the cake as a whole for just $19 dollars. On a more economical side comes their range of 10-inch cakes in chocolate and vanilla flavors that cost $12.99 dollars respectively. 

Costco’s Custom Cakes – Wedding cakes and more!

Speaking on the topic of customizable cakes, these beautiful rectangular slabs of $19 dollars measure 12 inches in width, 16 inches in length, and weigh 9 ½ pounds. They go on to make up for 48 individual servings when cut equally into 2-inch square pieces.

The only downside one may face is that, as of yet, Costco only offers customization of their rectangular sheet of cakes and not on multi-tiered ones. However, recent statistics showed that disappointment is hardly a factor as Costco’s cakes have garnered a loyal following with an increasing consumer base. Apart from the pricing, a big chunk for this result is owing to their wide personalization options from icing flavors, design, the addition of custom texts and inscriptions, and more.

While Costco does provide a wide variety of customization factors, it does not serve as a solely dedicated wedding cake provider. However, customers can and are known to include personalized wedding inscriptions and texts.

In conclusion:

Currently, Costco does not offer customizable multi-tiered cakes nor do they serve as a dedicated wedding cake provider, but with great pricing and equally great taste, they can very well serve as a go-to option for rectangular single slab wedding cakes with customized wedding inscriptions. An option, that is continuously in effect by their growing number of customers. 


Can Costco cakes be ordered online?

No. Unfortunately, Costco does not facilitate placing custom cake orders via online channels at the moment.

What are the flavors in which Costco cakes are provided?

Costco’s custom cakes are provided in a variety of flavors ranging from vanilla with vanilla buttercream, chocolate with chocolate buttercream, and sponge cake. They also provide custom fillings such as raspberry jam, chocolate, and vanilla. 

How to place an order for Costco custom cakes?

Orders can be placed at any Costco Warehouse by visiting the respective store’s bakery section and filling out the custom cake form with the required personalization details. 

Does Costco bakery demand a notice period?

Costco requests customers to place an order at least two days before the desired event, this helps for smooth functioning of the baking process and delivers the customized order up to the expectations. 

Does Costco Make Wedding Cakes?

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